Thursday, October 8, 2009

N to the ews.

I couldn't make my post about news again thats boring. But really I do have news.

Lots of it.

Yesterday I broke. We broke. We are now broke.

MacBook Pro 13 inch is now in my hands.

Don't even bother to ask how much.

I didn't sleep last night thinking that it cost the same as my first car.

And half of my second car.

And probably nothing compared to what my third car will cost, because hopefully at that point my saturn will last 20 more years and we can afford a Ferrari with gold plated stallions all over it.

That is if Brad can pass Chemistry.

Jk honey, you will, and that was a bad joke if you are sad.....

But remember, Chemistry is only a speck on the eternal string of life.

Back to other readers besides Brad.

But I had to protect my relationship if he happened to read this.

So MacbookPRO.

Oh ya, Im living a dream. A dream of love and bliss with my macbook pro.

I just bought a computer case on etsy. Sorry it was the last one.

I probably could have made it myself, but in order for that to happen
1. Dad would have had to repair the sewing machine cord Ammon cut with scissors.
2. I would have had to purchase fabric.
3. I would have waited for the fabric in the mail.
4. I would have had to buy a zipper, and then go through heck trying to put it in, just like in sewing class.
5. I would have to wait for the sewing machine to catch a ride with somebody coming to Provo from Standrod.
6. I would have had to spent a couple hours in front of the sewing maching in order to just figure out how I was going to start.
7. The initial product would have taken a total of 13 weeks to complete.

So you see why it is most important that I just purchased a cute one on etsy.

Thats enough about that.

Other news.

I was in severe pinching back pain yesterday night. I asked Brad to come and punch my back while I was at work. He pushed really hard on it everywhere. It was still pinching. I had an eight o clock class this morning me, I was not sitting still and I was done 'toughing it'.

Chiropractor at 11AM.

Sprained ligaments on the ribs/spine.



But I'll make it.

The chiropractor knows my family well and he said, Brittany BOO! Did you get in a car wreck!! This is whiplash!!! I said, "ya the truck of a guy who hit me in bball." Thats a car wreck. Im a little smart car and he was a semi hauling stinky cows.

Oh goodness, I'm sure I will survive after a few appointments.

He said not to bend my head without it being in square with my back.

That's nearly impossible without a neck/back brace.

Don't forget General Conference news.

They said, "Just make sure you don't take pictures inside."
Oh great. I so wanted to take a picture of President Monson high fiving little kids afterwards.

I'll just etch it into my memory.
Chell Chelly. Brad's little sister. Who is in nursing school. Who was eight feet tall this day.
Do I look like I slept on Brad's shoulder trying so hard to take notes and stay awake??
I told him I wanted a picture of the temple with him in it....Obviously I was intimidated by all the people and have no skills, otherwise the temple would have been to the side, and not coming out of his head, but ah well.
It rained and was slippery. The old lady wouldn't let us go down the stairs, she said they were wet. I said, "Oh so you are just protecting us?" She didn't laugh.
For so many lovely reasons I love this picture. I don't know why they were laughing, maybe cuz it was the second picture, and I said after the first picture, "Brad is being stupid, SMILE!"

And I love it, because its genuine laughter.

I love President Monson, Brad loves Elder Holland a lot too.

We love them all don't worry.


Natalie Jane said...

I went to conference TOOOOO. We should have found each other, goodness! I went with Kelly and don't worry...he was struggling to stay awake too. ha.

Just Some Dude said...

Oh, shut up, guys! I was at the same session too! This is why you don't go to conference without IMing everyone you know to see if they're there too. I feel so put out. We could have had a great conference moment.