Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That's right I have news. News for all of you who have stayed updated on my sister's lives.

My oldest sister is now engaged.

Engaged to be married.

Married to Aaron Loewer, a Canadian. Finally he can get his citizenship in America.


Maybe that's why he is marrying her...


Brooke and Aaron have been through a lot with me. As they were dating before I even met Brad. Before I even knew what marriage was.

They have been dating ever since I was in diapers.

Actually it probably only feels like that.

Here we have me and Brad, and some other randoms, and Brooke and Aaron, little did they know that in this 2009 picture, they would be getting married in the same month, a day after in 2010!

Ps, This is the day Brad told me he loved me.

Young people are blissfully ignorant.

That's what my bishop told me.

I guess I'm still ignorant to how hard and difficult marriage is, because I love it.

Aaron really doesn't care about citizenship, he really loves her!!

I know he does, because he wrote her a poem, and hiked through a blizzard in the mountains to propose.

Well, its up to Brooke to show her ring, I can't take care of all the public announcements for her.

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Natalie Jane said...

I want a picture of the day someone told me they loved me. goodness. that sounds so magical. you're a magic dream, brittany.