Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We went on a

The other weekend my cohort and all their lovely loved ones decided to go on a little Halloween cruise.

On the Provo River.

Sounds exciting?

It wasn't but, it was fun to meet everybody's spouses or boyfriends...or just to hang out.
As we jumped in the car to go to the cruise, we discovered it dead. Due to my once a week ritual of leaving the lights on. I wouldn't be Brittany, if I didn't do something to cause unperfectness. So we took the scooter. I froze my little nose.
Here is my cohort group. I felt unnaturally squashed as I squatted.
From the left we have Dee, who is a doll and could be our mom. But she went back to school :). Then we have Amber and her first date. Then we have Teresa and Kristin who went together. Then we have Taylor who has his arms on Abbey, (His date) Then we have Erica and her husband. He is nine feet taller. Then we have Camry and her date. Then we have Marie and her husband. Obviously me and Brad are in the lower left corner. Sorry if you just read that and lost all care and love for my blog. That was boring as heck.

Here we are on the lovely cruise. Notice the excitement of the cruise. Or the stunned feeling of the flash.

Here was a captain. He kept going out of pirate character. That alone helped me decide I was never coming back here. And if I did, I was taking three year olds.
I guess it wasn't that bad. Brad and I got to sit across from each other and gaze in each others eyes as we looked at lit up pumpkins.

Or I thought it was nice. Maybe my date didn't love it as much....Somehow I organized a get together after that would make up for our lame cruise.
Who couldn't love it? Well it was a bit crowded and since my spouse was too full from JCW's while golfing...he didn't eat anything. But I got a full of calories dripping in grease chicken burger, and a shake.
These two were just sitting across from us. I decided to take their pre engagements. They look nice. Abbey wears that coat faithfully, keeps her warm for lame cruises.

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Karissa said...

Awww sounds like fun! Abby's in your cohort??? She's awesome!!! We were in that one class from...I can't remember but it was the special ed education for teachers class. I don't remember what it's called either...but oh well. It was fun. Our teacher was sweet. And cohort rocks!