Monday, March 8, 2010

Before he gets home...

I thought I would post a little blog, before he gets home and starts demanding all that stuff ... hugs, kisses, food. :) You know what husbands do.

I told you we were going home.

To my home.

Standrod that is.

And home we went.

Brad drove the whole way.

I was a grump so I ended my grumpiness by sleeping 2/3 hours.
My dad baptized Ian. He was super cute. Saying things many people are there in China that are baptized. You know the normal stuff a child genius would think of.

This is my sister Summer at the baptism. She doesn't put any pictures of her pregnant belly on her blog. So I told her I would do it for her they believe that her belly is growing. And grow it does. She always dresses super adorable, and when I am pregnant (when not now, and not if) I am going to wear sweats...amap. Thats 'as much as possible.' Im all for acronyms.

And here that belly is comes that baby with no name yet...Girl though, it is a girl
Oh didn't you know that Rosie, our dog....had puppies. 7 to be exact. If you want one give us a holler. They are mutt's and they are free...although Rosie is half german shepherd...the rest mutt...but mutts are genetically proven to fight off disease and all sorts of bad stuff better....and be better cow dogs...if you were interested in that.
Shad...oh shaddy shaddy poo. He was in the play My Fair Lady, which I love the movie and loved the play. No he didn't have the lead role, we was: A drunk, A nice gentleman, and a great dancer. But Shad, seriously if it wasn't for you 18 people wouldn't have came, and really....thats pretty good attendance for just an extra, so basically you are famous, and I don't believe any other role in that play got that much support. Its like you got the support for DD when you only really deserved the support of an almost A cup.

Thats not true, you deserve all of the support in the world.

I'll make Brad look at the floor next time we come, so he doesn't make you fall out of character and laugh...but who knows, the audience may have thought you were supposed to laugh right there...who knows.

And she...doesn't she make you just melt because she is so stinkin cute.

She found my heels...and just went crazy.

Posing anything we told her to, and just a doll.

And to finish the Standrod trip is her blue round eyes and demanding for attention look...about to say, "Brit, come here and get me a drink, and a piece of brown bread with jam and butter on it".

She's two, and I feel like she is 45, but a bossy 45.

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