Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She is so scary...

I'm getting observed tomorrow.

In every single way it scares me.

She sits back there with her scary laptop and her scary fingers typing away.

I try to ignore her but she is just so darn scary.

All of us other teachers think she is nice, and we probably would hang out with her if she wasn't our CFA AKA Observer.

During the lesson, everything goes wrong, maybe it doesn't go wrong normally, or maybe you just only notice it when she is there watching you.

She makes us better teachers...but she is just scary.

The whole lesson you are thinking of how she is critiquing you.

You write on the board and you are thinking that she is critiquing how you wrote, what you wrote and how long it took you to write it.

You walk around the room watching her out of the corner of your eye, watching her watch you.

Oh my gosh, I teach better when you aren't watching me, I promise I do, but you will never know, because you are never here when you are not watching me.

I don't get sweaty armpits when you aren't watching me.

Man, why are you so scary.

Sometimes I pretend you are my mom, nodding and approving everything I do.

Then I sit down with you after, and you tear me tell me everything I do wrong.

You start by telling me the things I did right, but that's just a trick.

You just bring me up before you drop me down off of a 50 million feet tall Eiffel Tower.

Like I said, I would be friends with you....if you weren't so stinking scary.

In the end, you will make me better, but right now...I'm just scared of you.

Dedicated to my observer: For her safety I will only tell you her name starts with an A.

I am writing this as I prepare for my lesson plan that I will teach with my observer watching tomorrow.

It helps ease my soul to write a little about her.

Maybe share the know like when you are crying and you tell your sob story to your husband, friend, or mom then when you get done you are like, that was too long and why did I even cry about that, everything is better now, all I had to do is tell you.

I will probably still get sweaty armpits tomorrow every time a kid talks out of turn, and doesn't follow directions. I just want them to be perfect and they aren't...and it gives me sweaty armpits.

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Kristie said...

Good Luck tomorrow. I am sure you will do great!