Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We have been playing a lot lately.

I handed in the TWS yesterday. All 500 pages.

Just kidding its like 50 or something.

We had this date night. . These are all of Brad's guy friends that brought their dates...fiances... (I almost typed finances...which is kinda true..fiances are your finances...or more like an investment... a bad one if you find out they suck at cooking after you get married.)
This is my hair. Brad wouldn't be serious....and this is a laptop picture... Probably the day that my student said, "Mrs. Clark your teeth are white." At lunch I looked in the mirror to check and make sure they were not lying.
This is Heather playing Catch Phrase. This is Kevin, they are newly weds.
They only got in a few fights...

This is Brenna and Eli. They will soon be newlyweds. We were playing hedbanz. Its a creative fun way to say headbands. Its from the 1500s. Queens and Kings played it. Brad's person was Tarzan, he didn't even get it even after I sang ahhhhoooooahahahahhahahhahoewwwww.

I was Princess Di.

Brad's friend Jeff's girlfriend Brenda told me that her mom went on a date with Ted Bundy.

Then I read about him and got freaked out.

I thought about all the dates I went on before Brad.

A random guy asks me out...single date.

He could have killed me.

I got lucky.

On a happier note.

I switched student teaching placements.

I miss Kindergarten.

Every single thing about it.

But 2nd grade will begin to come naturally.

I graduate in April.

I'll send you an announcement.

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Natalie Jane said...

i wanna play a fun couples game. you're so fun and adorable, graduating in april! so proud of you!