Friday, March 19, 2010

I almost...

I almost walked away from student teaching yesterday.

I almost threw in the towel.

My tear ducts produced more tears than humanely possible.

I stood up to her in a way.

And my score reflects that.....she was mad at me for doing that.

Brad told me, "Honey, what's more important your pride or getting a good score."

So I have decided to stop trying to stand up for myself.

But quitting with only three weeks left seemed stupid.

Life isn't about a score.

Life isn't about whether or not I am a perfect student teacher.

But yet I realized it is about the Lord, my family, and my passions.

One of those being teaching.

But I had a basketball game after student teaching, and I decided I love doing a lot of things, so if teaching didn't work out, I can do something else.

I have an etsy shop.

I oil paint.

I scrapbook really well actually.

I am a great babysitter.

I play basketball faithfully.

I have an incredible family with 15 real life siblings....

who has that? Nobody.

Nobody I know at least.

I grew up in the mountains learning how to move pipe, ride horses, preg check a cow, play basketball volleyball do dance cheer run track, be the president of many clubs, fish, swim in dirty nasty lakes, cook, clean, be the salutatorian of my graduating class, have 19 million boyfriends, all of the time, be the winner of 7th grade ping pong, drink spiked punch at a drama play, watch many different animals being born, raise rabbits, chickens, birds, cows, horses, llamas, fish, frogs, peacocks, dogs, cats, deer, and turkeys.

In college I have played on at least 50 teams at different times. One time I was on six teams. I have worked 40 hours a week with two different jobs while going to school and getting a 3.5 GPA. I have been to nearly all of the US states and one time I went to Canada, US and Mexico in less than 24 hours. I have been to Peru and lived there while I worked in an orphanage. I survived Peru after being attacked and beaten by three men in masks.

I am married to Brad who is ranked number 6 in physics out of 400. He plays the piano, drums, percussion, guitar, electric guitar all excellently. He has been in like 5 bands. He has a 3.7 GPA as a junior in college. He got scholarships for spring summer because of his excellent GPA. He writes me songs for my birthday and valentines. He comes from a broken home with so much drama for any one person. He is sleeping next to me now and I will have you know he is a very good person to sleep with. He plays soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, racquetball, ping pong, volleyball, and football. He volunteers at a health clinic. He got all As on the spanish test 2 years after his mission. He served a mission in Honduras where he lost 70 plus pounds. Wahoo!! He is an incredible man, and I am married to him.

So my life is good. I do have a good life. A life some people will never have.

So I guess there is a reason I am alive.

There is a reason I am teaching.

I am teaching because I am good at it, and the kids adore me.

The like me a lot.

I make them laugh.

They think I am pretty.

They think I dress cute.

They tell me my hair is beautiful.

They cry when I leave them.

They write me so many letters and notes I don't have room enough to store them.

My teachers that I work with like me too.

I would do anything for them.

Because they once were just like me.

So I do have a purpose.

No matter what anyone thinks, says or does to me....

I am a teacher and a person. I am real.
And I have real feelings.
After reading back on things about me, I realized I have never done this not even when I am down on myself, I wont say anything good about myself, its too tooty of your own horn.

But now that I have, I can do anything.

Because I am very capable of anything.

And some people, think I'm great.
Turn up the volume to hear who Faith wants to be when she grows up.

And really if all I have is Faith, I will make it.

And Brad.......he is the core of my existence. :)


Lisa said...

I hate it when they say that you did awesome but then the scores don't reflect that. I am really frustrated with both "A" and "H".

It's almost over, Brittany.

Michael and Karen Zaro said...

wow you don't know me, I just happened to click on your blog but I still wanted to say "you go girl!" Life is stuff at times but what matters most is what we do to overcome them and endure till the end. For what is worth, I think you'll make a great teacher someday! My best teachers were the ones that brighten my day with their smiles, who listened and genuinely cared for our well-being, and I think you have that in you.

Sally said...

I love that video. Mom: you have a thing for Brittany Grush? hahahaha and faith: i wanna be a girl like you. Hopefully she isn't QUITE as much GIRL as you are if you know what I mean. hah :)