Monday, March 15, 2010

A Big Fat...

This week was ....stressful.

I thought I wouldn't be able to do it.

The teacher fair was Friday.

I prepared 15 resumes.

15 cover letters.

30 letters of recommendation.

And 5 specific resumes, 5 specific cover letters whephs...

That was hours of work.

Hours of printing.

While Brad was trying to sleep....

He likes to make the sound of the printer....

nrrrraahhhhhh cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee un un un un un un un un un un slllllllllllllll clunk

hes pretty good at it.

Cuz I'm pretty good at printing while he is asleep.

Then I yelled at him....

Well it was Thursday, I was stressed about interviewing and being on my best game the next day......

We make fun of me now, we can laugh about it now....

Cuz I was worried I wouldn't get ANY interviews.

And I got 4!!!

I know...standing ovation.

Anyway we were driving in the car and the convo was very basic, it went like this.

Brit, you are amazing, why are you even stressing, you are amazing you will do great!-Mr. Relaxed I have no worries man.

Brad, You don't know anything! You go to school, you do your homework, and then you turn it in! That's not real life! I am real life!-Brittany in a fit of rage.

Okay, I don't know anything.-Brad

Brittany puts her hand on Brad's shoulder.

I'm sorry, I overreacted.-Brittany



We moved on, and didn't talk about it until Sunday, where Brad said in a girly voice....."you don't know anything!"

Then we both laugh...

now its over.

Wow, on to the main topic here...

A girl from work, Lynda Freeman...she sells Mary Kay, and she emailed everybody last week telling them about a meeting where they gave out prizes and had a cash drawing.

I thought I would attend.

But Brad had a game in the morning, flag football, so I was late to the meeting where Mary Kay tries to get you to be a consultant and sell Mary Kay.

But when I got there, they took good care of me and got my items to receive a pedicure.

I sat next to one of my friends from work who was also attending.

I had butterflies the entire time..thinking about this cash drawing at the end.

You see.....we are very poor right now, and we have to move out end of April.

And we found a place we love, but the deposit is 700 dollars!!

We were going to ask to borrow money, but I have never done that in my life, so that was out of the question for me, I would have rather just found a cheaper dump to live in.

But I cry every time I see a leech in my sink.

Or everytime I wish I had a dishwasher.

I know that I deserve better, I work hard and I know that I deserve a tub.

And I know that I will have a full time job with benefits come September, so we can afford a place with a beautiful back yard and a garage and a tub and a washer and dryer and two bedrooms, and a dishwasher and no leeches in the sink.

I know I can afford that.

But the deposit is 700.

Something that I don't have saved up right now for various financial circumstances that have occurred.

So I made sure I prayed out loud, and extra hard this past week, #1 that we could get the house we applied for, and #2 that somehow we could find that money.

You know where this is going don't you?

Tosha's birthday was also on Saturday, happening as I was sitting with my newly painted toes waiting for these prizes to get over with and this cash drawing to occur.

We filled out this blue paper.

I'll never forget filling it out.

I was so nervous, my hands were shaky. My pen didn't write very well.

I didn't put my address like I should have.

I didn't read what kind of person I am, I just checked a box and handed it back to the lady I should have handed it to.

Then I waited.

I waited as they collected all the blue papers, which were the ticket to your cash drawing.

I had butterflies so bad, I was even starting to sweat.

I looked at the clock, it was 11:25, Tosha's lunch started 25 minutes ago, I was so late and they were going to be so mad at me.

I decided to leave.

I started to gather my things.

Then I decided to wait.

I waited.

Kept looking at the clock, oh my gosh I am going to miss the whole lunch.

My mom and sisters are all waiting for me, texting me, "WHERE ARE YOU?"

My stomach is turning.

They have this stack of blue papers.

The lady pulls one out.

She says, "Okay the winner's name starts with a B."

Its me, Its me, I know its me. I can feel it.

People with B in their name raise your hand, she says.

Me and one other girl raise our hands.

Tell me your names, she says.

I say, Brittany, shaky and almost in tears.

She says, Becky.



You just won 500 dollars cash.

I walked up.

Everybody was smiling and hugging me.

She counted out 500 dollars in twenties.

I tried not to cry, as I prayed deep inside.

That may have been luck to some of you, but to me it was my prayers that I said out loud every night.

That was for many reasons that I cannot explain.

That was not luck, but yet fate.

And as I held the money up and shook it for all to see, I said, "Thank you so much, so so so much."

I was saying thank you to many people, but mostly God.

I waited until everything was over, then I ran out while Brad was waiting for me.

He joked with me saying before, You know you have a 1 percent chance of winning.

I jumped in the car, money hid.

He said joking as he drove away, "So did ya win?"

"TOTALLY DID!!!" As I showed him the cash.

He double took me and said, "What? Really?"

No, this cash is fake!! YES YES I WON!

I walked in to Magleby's Fresh, apologetic and happy.

I said to the table already eating their food, "Sorry I'm late, there was a 500 dollar cash drawing and I wanted to wait for it."

Then I started to walk away.

Sally was taking a bite of her food and she said, "Did you win?"

At that point I threw the 20s on the table and said, SURE DID!!

Everybody screamed and clapped....

Brooke hugged me.

My mom started crying, cuz she knows all of the drama, she knows I was praying.

Then the rest of the day, I glowed and said many silent prayers.

So a big fat miracle occured.

And a big fat thanks to Mary Kay and the man upstairs....up a lotta stairs.


Darcey said...

AHH! that is THE coolest story ever! i can't believe you won! that is so awesome - for a long time i felt sorry for myself 'cause the only thing i had ever won was an XXXL t-shirt, but then i won front row tickets to "Wicked" when we went to Chicago so i wan't pity myself anymore :)

anyways, CONGRATULATIONS! that is so exciting and i'm glad that your prayers were answered :)

Natalie Jane said...

Oh many Brittany. I love that. You're watched over. That's amazing. :) :) Two smiley faces for you.

Seth said...

Hey Brittany, here is my email. Thanks for letting me know about this! I'm way excited.