Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Success in many things

Things are going better. I don't feel so stressed and uptight.
I don't cry when Brad tells me he likes it when I do the laundry..meaning he hates it when I don't do the laundry. Doing the laundry means folding the laundry, because we don't really have a washer and dryer to physically do the laundry...

I I can do this.

Two and 1/2 weeks left of student teaching. I can do this.

Tomorrow is a big day. I have an observation, then I have class, then I have a game.

A game where its the tournament.

And then Friday is a big day too.

Brad, and tentative others are coming to play at my school.

Not like play on the playground...
but like play in the band play.

Brad, electric guitar and vocals
Aj, acoustic guitar and vocals
Aaron, drums and vocals

for 80 second graders. I'll take a video :)

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to them about music, being in a band and all that good stuff...kinda as an intro to the band.

Summer told me to stop doing so many spaces on my blog. She said just to write longer paragraphs, that would help her focus better. So I'm trying Summer, I really am. Look I did almost oup there we go 3 lines.

But paragraphs aren't real life, choppy short sentences are real life, because every thought I have is interrupted by another my own head, then I teach 8 year olds and they can't sit still if their entire life and family's life and dog's life depended on it, so my thoughts are constantly interrupted. So the fact is...I'm trying to stay focused longer.

Gosh that was a long paragraph. Golly jeepers. Okay, we went to Park City awhile back. Boy did we love it. Kelly and Natalie and Liz were our friends who invited us. Thanks again Kelly. . We loved it!

Kelly and Natalie seem to be excited that I am taking the picture but Natalie just wants it to be over so she can eat her chicken finger. Chicken's don't have fingers, so that term should be voided.
She finally got the chicken finger, now she has distracted Kelly in order to take his fries.
Oh goodness, she got the fries and now Kelly is mad, but he cannot show his madness on camera so he suppresses his anger using techniques he learned from AM. Thats Anger Management class.
Natalie pretends that it was a joke, that it was all fun, Kelly laughs to appease the cameras but really he is so angry inside.

But seriously, they are dating and in love. Can I say that on here? Can I? Is that okay? I said it..
Enough about Natalie and Kelly. More about me....and Brad. I went down a black diamond. I lost my ski in slow motion. Brad only laughed. I hate modules. Wait, mojuls. Whatever.

You see,
I had to pee,
so I stepped into the stall to wee,
then I pulled down my britches and said yipee,
finally I can pee!
Then something happened you see,
suddenly who would come in but another SHE!
I was very naked and said ahhhhhhheeeee!!!
The she could do nothing but say Sorreeeeeeeee!!
That's what happened to me,
when I had to pee.

Pretty sure she saw everything...but we are all girls right? Me holding feminine products wasn't too traumatizing for her right?

Was that too much info? Oh gosh I should have stopped with the pee poem.

Regardless, I took some ski footage. While skiing.

And, I really like avocados.

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Karenin Jaar Robison said...

You crack me up!!! And i don't mind your potty talk, I actually like your pee poem. Very clever ;)