Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sometimes when Brad wears his glasses at night...I wish I had them too.

See don't I look more .....sophisticated teacher like?

Brad just looks so cute in them.

Ps he got a 100 percent on his physics test today.

He is too smart.

But at the same time he isn't very good at writing my lesson plans.

But I guess I think for 5 year olds, he thinks for himself :)

I miss the five year olds.


Not that I don't love 2nd graders. I do.

But I miss singing, "Im bringing home a baby bumble bee"

And I miss her calling me Mrs. Clarks.

And I miss my mentor teacher.

I miss everything.

Today I taught went well.

I burnt my tongue on Slab pizza.

Go there. Get bbq chicken. Its the freakin best. Its right on 8th north.

Thin crust but its a quarter of a pizza. Sooo goody.

Ian is getting baptized this weekend.

Don't worry. Ill keep you posted.

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Natalie Jane said...

ohhhhh man I love slab pizza. We discussed this. Good discussion. Delicious discussion.