Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blue Sky Texas

Brad came home and I told him a bunch of jarble of what happened today and how placentas are a hot item and people would do anything to get ahold of a placenta, then we had this convo.
Me: Sorry I had this big plan to actually shower and do my makeup and get ready so I looked half decent but I was hanging pictures up/cleaning and didn't make it there.
Him: Ya I was wondering what happened to you, looks like somebody came in and beat you up and made you wear those really ugly clothes.
Me: I'm running out of comfy cute clothes BRAD.
Him: Well you had better get ready cuz we are going to Blue Sky.
Me: I don't know what that is but I am going with you!
Him: Slap my tush and we are on our way.

It's a burger joint. That Brad has been told by "at least 3 people" that it is good. Or 'the place to get burgers'
So of course we had to try it on the one night this week Brad had some time to kill. By time to kill, I mean his eating break 

I thought it was a nice little joint. Brad was very disapointed in the fact that they charged .40 cents for hickory sauce and .40 cents for ranch.

A LOT OF FOOD!!! I ate 1/2 of my hamburger, and then I felt like it was in my chest about ready to come out of my nostrils. 

Brad kept saying, "I just don't know why they would charge extra for sauces, and extra for every thing." 
Brad, "I don't like places that are nit picky about charging for every little thing."
I asked him if he would go back, and he said, "Newoooooo."
So sometimes he judges based on service, or setting, and not the food.
It must ruin the taste, because I liked the taste, the fries looked like droopy elephant ears but were still good... but that extra .40 was too much for Mr. Brad.

Now do I look drugged or what!!! These onion rings were super flimsy too, this BLue Sky Place loves droopy things.

Well we did not succeed in finding a favorite Hamburger place. 
But don't worry we have already been to this place twice.
Pizza place CHECK.

In the mean time......I'm just fighting heartburn after those onion rings and fries, droopilicious.

One more burn burp and I'm gonna drink 15 gallons of water.
But I guess since THIS GUY keeps pushin up on my throat I have a reason for these burn burps.
Come on 37 weekers. 3 Days and I'm FULL TERM BABY!
Then I'm doing everything in the book that is supposed to put you in labor.
Lots of castor oil and S*X.
And Spicy foods.

*Note to readers who don't know I am sarcastic.
I am. 
I have my first doctor's appointment in Lubbock tomorrow, and it was h*ll getting to this point to even get a doctor's appointment because everywhere was 2-3 weeks booked out. Baby M would have been here Ya'll! Sure I'll go AHEAD AND BRING MY BABY TO THAT APPOINTMENT SISTA! But thank you to Brad's connections and the kindness of many people we made it in with the head guy of OBGYN at the Hospital. So here we go doc, tell me I could go into labor at any point :)


Erica+Matson said...

Haha Brad is so funny. The extra 40 cents was killing him! And good luck at the doctor! Let us know how it goes! And don't worry...I KNOW you are sarcastic!!

Amber Christensen said...

haha "Slap my tush and we are on our way." that made me lol. get that baby outta you already!

Sally said...

I don't know anything about the big S, but with a belly the size of yours, I'd imagine it's probably pretty tricky. No offense. :)

Jesse and Jessica Beynon said...

Try rubbing around your Achilles's tendon and ankle area(if it's SUPER tender, then you've got the right spot.) It's your pituatary reflex point and it can trigger labor. I had Jesse rub mine and I went into labor a few hours later. It could have been coincidence but I've had a few people swear by it.

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