Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY hardcore.

So I wanted to paint this giraffe ever since I saw him (her?)
So back in October on my fall break Brad and I spent the day and night in SLC to have a little break.
I loved this giraffe and I knew I would paint him/her one day.

We also went to the Moon. No big.

So back in October when I was feeling so gung ho about it, I sketched Mr. Giraffe on a canvas. So proud of myself for getting that far.
Now...its August and I finally decided to finish Mr. Giraffe.
But I usually do little paintings in oil...
Well I can't paint with oil because it's toxic, so I painted with craft paint.
Which was totally different and does not blend, but dries really fast which allowed me to finish the painting in one day!! I love that. With oil I had to wait for it to dry because it blends...anyway you don't really need to know all of that artsy stuff.
Now normally I wouldn't have step by step picture, but I was sending them to my sister in law who I was like, "Hey you want this painting don't ya?" Then it was like, should I do this or what?
its amazing what you can do with all day, no job, no husband, and only one friend in this entire city. 
I know I will get more ;)
So it looks nothing like the above giraffe right???
Well its because my computer wouldn't turn on and I couldn't look at the picture!!
Which I am so glad, because it turned into my own little painting with the colors I felt like putting on there. It was my idea of what a giraffe looks like...

So I felt like this wasn't far enough, I needed something more............more.

So I added stripes, but it still wasn't right. It looked too perfect or something.

So we added white stripes, and these were messy and I should have taped at this point, but the fact is I didn't now we just don't look close..... But it still wasn't enough OH MY HECK. 

So we added orange. And phew, it finally felt right. An entire day staring at this giraffe. And I only spent like 2 hours on him today after this picture was taken, just straightening lines and getting all the colors on him right.

Mr. Giraffe looks pretty good.
Who needs $400 art?

Today, I painted shelves for Baby M's room, and a little hanger thing. I'll show you those when they are up on the wall, they aren't very impressive just sitting on the table.

But I gotta get his room put together first....and I'm slowing down. I am due in exactly 4 weeks from today.

Now, I don't know about other wives of med students but I am just a different case maybe, but this is our schedule.

Brad leaves at 7:30 AM.
He has class for about 1 hour a day, and he is in the anatomy (cadaver lab) for 4 hours a day. 
They have a dissection list. So they have a group of 5 and they dissect the cadaver with scalpels and masks, and that is why you may have seen my facebook status, how Brad wouldn't eat my chicken enchiladas because the chicken reminded him of his cadaver he has been dissecting.
Now you may think you have seen a dead person, but I can't imagine digging inside of one's body trying to find a nerve, or something......seems past what I ever wanted to experience with a dead body. (FYI I never want any experiences with a dead Brittany and cadaver ever will be in the same room as much as Brad begs me to go in there. I don't need nightmares for the REST of my life. Call me a baby. I don't care. Not my thing.)
If you are reading this and puking simultaneously I am really sorry, but its the life of a med student's wife, you get what you get.
Anyway, goes to lab for 4 hours a day, then studies the rest of the day, so he is gone 8-5 no matter what.
Then he comes home, we eat dinner hang out, then he is studying again until 10:30 give or take.

Now, people were complaining about that......but honestly, that's not a lot different than what we had before, except the difference is.. I had to work 8-5, then come home make dinner, try to clean the house and be upbeat for him when I was just as exhausted, and I usually had some project to do, and he had to study till 10:30 3 out of the 5 nights anyway.

NOW I get to stay home ALL DAY!!!!!!!!
This is not torture. This is heaven. This is not hard to endure.  This is awesome. Now I know I have no baby yet, and I may be naive and I'll let you know when baby comes. But......I've had the busy hectic work life, and my dishes don't get done because I taught Kindergarten.....

I do wish I could have endless days with Brad, but that's not ever reality unless we are on vacation. And I am not miserable when he goes into the study room and studies all night. Gosh if he gets awesome grades and gets into an awesome residency and provides for our family so I DONT HAVE TO WORK!!! Thank you and you study all night if you need to. Thank you for working so hard while I do the basics. I love being at home and I love doing all these things I have always wanted to do, like paint my giraffe.

So basically all this ranting is...when we came here all the wives just basically dumped all these quotes on us.
-Be prepared to live 4 years without your husband.
-Be prepared to do things by yourself, like take out the trash. (WHAT??? THATS SO EASY)
-Be prepared to have a struggle on your relationship. (WHAT!!!!!!!!! THAT TAKES TWO SISTER)
-Be prepared to raise your children by yourself.

I just was a little in shock thinking Brad would be gone every day 8-midnight, and then he wasn't and it was awesome.
First week of med school classes. CHECK!
Now does anyone else's husband watch surgeries on youtube????

I just can't look at his computer. In fact as I am typing I looked over and they are pulling on the femur with some metal contraption. GROSS. Not looking again. 
You try it, just you tube, 'total knee replacement'
and puke.
But I am SO happy he loves it. I am not a total knee replacement girl.

And now...I am rambling.

Tonight our friends came over and we ate pizza and salad, and they have two kids, and one is almost 3, and he said to his mom....
"Mom, Brittany just ate and ate and ate so much food, and then there was her baby in her tummy."

Yep, that's how it worked out. Missed a few steps, but mostly that is how I FEEL!

4 weeks left till Baby M is here, and now hopefully by the end of next week you will see his completed room. If I can get MR. Surgery Watcher to set up his bookshelf, cuz I can do that, but I don't have to DO everything by myself just because Brad is in Med School :) ;)

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Erica+Matson said...

you are an artist. What!! who knew?! without blogs i would feel like i lost you guys 100% but with them i just feel 95% of a loss.