Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Monogrammed Washer Art

Am I on a roll or what?

More like....am I home all DAY, and having a baby, and keep doing hours and hours of crafts to keep myself sane???


At least you know I am productive without a job, husband, or baby....yet.

Now I have a husband. He is just in med school, but you knew that. I always talk about that.

But I feel bad for him. Yesterday he was a zombie, and if you came to this post to read about the monogrammed art......just scroll down and skip this hokie pokie. He is just studying for anatomy a lot. He has blood shot eyes every night, and he just works really hard. I love it when he comes home, but usually he comes home feeling like he is behind and so he eats dinner then probably watches some of the ranger game with me, then into the den to study. I bring him waters and fruit and sometimes try to think of important things to go in there about and talk to him. . . . Like Hi honey!!! I need some thumbtacks and.........do you need anything??? I try not to interrupt too much. Anyway, thats why I do lots of crafts.

So here is something I found on pinterest, it wasn't the letter M, but I made my own M.

1. Washers You need washers, found at Walmart or probably a home store, Lowe's Home Depot. They were 95 cents, to 1.57 a pack. I used about 4 packs for this project and had a pack left over, but you need different sizes, so you don't use all of every size.

2. Mod Podge The girl who did it on Pinterest used some strong glue, that I didn't want to go buy, so I tried Mod Podge. At first I didn't think it was strong enough because the washers were sliding all over and it seemed like they wouldn't stick. But after about 3 minutes they were SOLID on the canvas. So at first it seems like they won't stick, but they did! And I've had it dry for about 2 days and they are on there tight!

3. Canvas You need some sort of canvas. I got mine in a 3 pack at DI (goodwill) for $2.00. That's a steal of a deal, but I know that's not reality, so craft stores have them for about $5.00 each or less with coupons.

4. Applicator You could really use anything to apply the glue to the washers, I used a stencil blotter foam stick. (I don't know their real name, but that will help you find them in the store) They are in any craft store and I got the pack of 10 stencil sticks for like 4.00 thinking I would use them for something else and never did, so they were PERFECT for this. It allowed me to blot on the paint in a circle like the washer, vs painting it everywhere and having it get in the middle of the washer. 

So it started off nicely, I just arranged it as I went and glued down as I went. They were easy to peel off with some prying if I messed up. It took me 2 hours to glue all those little stinks down. 
So not the easiest job ever. And it sometimes got scary if it wasn't matching up like I wanted it to.

(Sorry for the glare I took like 1230847230984 million pictures and this was the best one!) 

I feel like it turned out cute! You could make it thicker or skinnier to your liking.
Stay tuned to see it in baby M's nursery!!!!

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