Monday, August 20, 2012

Time Together

We had some amazing lightning storms this weekend. The thunder is AMAZING. Lighting covers the sky for miles. (This picture is an actual picture taken in Lubbock, not by me though, I'll try to get some good ones!)

Brad and I had such a good weekend together. It was phenomenal. Friday night he had a late night in the cadaver lab, when he is with a partner and they dissect their body so they can teach the rest of their group how to do it later. Last time he did this...he got home at 10:30 P.M. this time he got home at 8:30! Such a surprise!

Friday I finally had my first doctor appointment here. You see I called in and they said I couldn't get an appointment for 3 weeks, so Brad's connection got us the head of the OBGYN department (and the head of the residency program at Texas Tech) and he is a specialist of Fetal and Maternal Medicine. So he gets mostly high-risk patients.

I felt a little silly when I found that out. So in the doc appointment I said to him, "I know I am not high risk so sorry....."

(Kinda like, I am sorry I am wasting your should be with those women who really use your specialties)

Then he said to me, "You may not be high-risk, but that doesn't mean you aren't VIP"

Then I knew he was for me. So nice.
Then Brad went on to ask if I could be induced around his test schedule. (EMBARRASSING)

But he was so understanding and said it could be possible if I was ready.
Then I felt like he really cared about Brad too, and understood that school is hard for him, and this baby is another stress/happiness in his life.
But he did tell me that I won't go too far over my due date because he has a conference in Houston. Perfect!
My mom flies in Sept. 11, so I really hope he comes right around that time so she isn't waiting for me to go into labor, nor is she here 2 weeks after I had him. We can always change her flight too, but man it would be great if Baby M would just time it perfectly. :)
Anyway, his office is right on campus, and I will have the baby right on campus, so if Brad needs to jet over/away he can. I was going to have the baby in the same building as Brad's classrooms but they just built a brand new OBGYN center. So its just a few buildings away.
Brad spent so much time with me this weekend. We ran errands on Saturday, and it was CRAZY out there. Then we found out it was Tax-Free weekend? Hence everyone buying like it was the day after Thanksgiving. Hence why I had to wait 25 minutes in the Ross line to return 2 pillows. If my total money back would have been less than 10 dollars I would have been outta there! Not worth the money.

Then we went to Sam's Club (no costco here) and it was chaotic and Brad and I always spend so much time discussing why we need something. But then he doesn't even ask me and just throws a giant Parmesan cheese into the cart? He puts unhealthy amounts of that stuff on everything. We have an interesting shopping relationship. Then when I go alone I just buy whatever I want food wise, but if he is with me he is judgmental about things I put in. Mostly because he is worried we will just eat all of it. Rice Krispy Treats........for his lunches!

Then I went to a combo baby shower, and a girl there (doesn't even know me) wants to throw me a baby shower. I INSISTED THAT SHE NOT. But she said, "People here need social get togethers!"
Meaning, oh we are all we have. Each other. None of us have family here, this is our family. And now I'm in it. Like it or not. Well I love it. WE will see HOW that GOES!

Then Brad and spent our evening Saturday and SUNDAY doing this....
Rummy. With his phone Slacker Radio going.
I beat him Sunday, Saturday he whipped out a 235 point last round and beat me. He loves gloating.
Do you notice that door in the background? Ya thats a triple lock system, and one of those pad locks doesn't have a key entry on the outside. EVERY door is like that. Good thing our neighbors were partying hardy every night of the weekend outside, so that we don't have to worry about somebody crackin our windows. Neighborhood watch. Although I did hear their baby screamin....hopefully somebody is watchin that babe while they party.
It's fun to have to do stuff just him and I sometimes. We almost started Monopoly but decided last time we played we got in a fight cuz he always wins because I give him all the good properties because he does a puppy dog face and begs me. Then I'm mad when I lose. But, we are making friends, and it is nice to rely on each other. Peace out from Lubbock!

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Tyler + Nicole said...

Brit! I just started following your blog. I love it! :) It's almost like you are still here when I read your blog, its great! I am so excited for you! It's almost time to have your precious little boy! Good luck! Can't wait to see pics of him!