Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Found It

Well that's right we found it. We found the dessert place (aside from Coldstone, Brad will never replace Cake Batter Ice Cream with brownies, cookie dough and hot fudge). But we did find a unique dessert place. All you Utahans be jealous because....this is over the top.

I am not a pie fan. I don't like Cherry, Apple, or whatever else fruit pies you got out there. But I do love Banana creme, because its cold and not cooked fruit. But people told us to go here, and it is where the dessert is Pie Filling.

Weird I know. But the pie fillings you choose are not your NORM pies. I chose snickers and oreo, with pecan nilla wafer crust. Now before you say, what the ?!?!?!? It is served like its a bar, they call it a bar.

This place is called The Choc'late Mousse:Pie Bar.

No alcohol necessary to get completely WASTED.

Before I start let me interject with a story....we almost were hit by a huge red truck which ran a very red light. They were FLYING and we were just lallygagging through the intersection, Brad turned saw the truck coming at us full speed, and he had the sense to slam on the gas, we peeled out, and the truck swerved at the last second, and we survived. Afterwards, and pretty much the entire night we talked about how injured we would have been. Well, I felt so blessed and happy to be alive, and never want to get hit by a red truck running a red light. Back to happiness and bliss at the Pie Bar...

So here you are, you choose your option. Piewich, Piefait, pie....whatever you want.
And they scoop only the pie filling into glass or in my case, I got the Piefait, so its like a parfait glass. So witty these pie people. Piefait from parfait, so smart they are. Phsh.
I can't remember what Brad's was called, but he got the one in a wine glass....thinking it would be more probably. He got sea salt caramel hazelnut I remembered! Look at my pregnant brain, one second I can't remember, and then I can! Which the owner suggested. Which was delicious until you got a chunk of sea salt. Then it just wasn't there....we must not be total gourmet dudes, because.....last time I checked getting salt in your sweet as sweet dessert is like that one chunk of poo in your ice cream, you know that cricket in your sundae. The Mormon ad. That's all I could relate it to. We learned a valuable lesson that night....don't watch movies that have just one bad part, because it is like eating a chunk of sea salt in your delicious pie filling can't eat around it and it just sneaks up and BAM there you are with a chunk of salt in your mouth, gagging. 

So....back to how good this place was. Mine was divine. I mean every bite was full of deliciousness. And RICH. Whip cream galore. So they did a layer of nilla wafer pecan crust on the bottom, then the oreo pie filling, then the layer of crust (you can change up your crust options) then a scoop of snickers pie filling. Man I loved getting those snickers chunks. Sure did make Brad jealous.

We couldn't even finish. NO way NO how.
And we were surprisingly drunk after our Pie Bar.

Or at least Brad was. He was hammered. (I am so good at using synonyms for drunk aren't I!?!?)
We had to get to go cups, and next time we go we will surely share, and we will stay clear of the sea salt!!! No matter what that owner says. He was awfully nice though, and seemed like such a good down to earth hard worker who created this pie bar experience. Now I have a soft spot for owners who work in their own business. Shows they really care.

We will be back Moose.


Erica+Matson said...

I love your food posts. Haha.

Sallie said...

Just found your blog and we need to be friends. Well we are friends...but you know, real friends who see each other more than just on Sunday. We are big fans of the Pie bar. They may know our names...embarrasssing. Also, nursery looks awesome, I'm too lazy to go comment on that post but I love the colors. Oh and we LOVE amazon too. Our baby is being purchased with points as well. Maybe we should name her amazon....hmmm.