Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pretty Neat.

Brad always makes fun of me because he says my computer is covered in food, paint or whatever I am doing.

He says it is sticky.
Well I'm not about to run wash my hands when I need to push pause on the music I am listening to on pandora, as I am painting! Duhzo!

I bring that up because I just found and scraped off a piece of blue paint.
I was painting a rocking horse. Like I have said before Brittany+no job+no baby+no husband+2 friends= projects.

And buying things online.
Like this rocking chair. Now I think its pretty neat.
I bought it on Amazon. With all my points. So I ended up paying 14.95 for it. Pretty neat.

Brad loves putting things together. Since we have lived here he has put together a few things.
1. Our Bed
2. His Piano
3. Baby M's Crib
4. A bookshelf I bought here. (That one made him REALLY ANGRY)
5. Rocking Chair
6. Yet to assemble, Shelving unit in our garage.

He is great at putting things together.

Ah...finished. You see I wanted one of these old fashioned ones....It is just wonderful!

Now......onto our next project......Our Yard.
This is our first attempt at watering. Yard was like this when we got here. You may be asking.....why are you watering mud? Well, some people water, some don't, and since you pay for water here.....mostly only rich people water.

Look close and you will see A LOT of broken glass. How did it get there??? Well we don't ask questions.

Here is our cute little duplex, which looks like everyone else's for miles around.

What a lovely tree you have in your front yard!! What great shade that will provide.
These little butts are ALL over our front yard.
Garbage is normal here. People just don't pick it up. They have parties on our front yard or something. Well we know they do, because after watering our yard, our sprinkler was all messed up and there were lots of TIRE tracks all over our yard. HEY NOW! We know our yard isn't AMAZINGLY GREEN and gorgeous, but have a little respect, we were trying to help it grow, we even put down some bare spot seed. (ITS GONNA NEED A H*LK OF A LOT MORE THAN THAT I THINK NOW!)

Now back to Baby M. I got his diapers all organized. At least his small size. He has four G diapers in each size. Green Blue Yellow Gray in small. And I am drooling over these ones. The stripes are just to DIE for.

But I want to wait and see if 4 is plenty or not. So they come with a cloth insert, and then you also can buy disposable inserts for traveling and whatever else you may need them for. But when you are home just kickin it, cloth is the way to go.

Can't you just imagine his little legs and body stickin out of this diaper!!??!
I can, and I can't wait.

OH yes, I had my doc appointment yesterday.
He said...
I am right on schedule to deliver on the 10th of September. 
That if I get contractions 5 minutes apart for at least an hour to get ready!!! Because I'm in labor.
(I haven't had them that close yet, only about 15 minutes apart for a few hours, and they get less intense instead of more intense)
And that I am soft but closed, so not dilated. 
I am not sure how it is supposed to feel in the last two weeks of pregnancy, but...I feel like he stretches and my insides are just in pain continuously. 
Brad says I am always talking about how his foot is in my rib, or his elbow is in my hip.
Well, its because it is hard to function when you are in constant war with a human inside of you.
I'm always pushing him down away from my ribs, or up away from my hips, and the PELVIC PRESSURE is just unbearable at times and I am not sure how it is normal to walk without holding yourself.

Now on a more positive note. I fall asleep thinking about my little baby wrapped up tight in a blankie, and I think about feeling his soft skin. And his FACE, by golly if I could just see his face. I can't wait to see him come out covered in white gunk with his purple hue, with a pure SCREAM on his face, and they hand my little baby to me, and all of this 9 months is so worth it and I will do it 1000xs over again.
I just need to hold him.


danielle said...

YAY! So exciting! Can't wait to see him!
PS- Totally laughed at your 10mg of melatonin comment....

Erica+Matson said...

You better write about your cloth diapering.