Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brad and Band Make Harmony.

All of you frequents...know my disgustingly in love (as Crystal says) partner...partner sounds lame. But you know. Brad that one guy. That one guy I am marrying. I can get away with posting anything through finals, cuz he doesn't have time to read it!!! HA! Last Friday I attended the best concert (I think) they have ever had. I was smiling of happiness the entire time. I even had Toliet paper in my ears. It was loud.

They performed at the avalon. Hello Helicopter. Dont worry, the bathrooms were disgusting. Just like I am disgustingly in love. Actually...bad comparison. Scratch that.
This I believe is one of Brad's best friends. Scottie. Or it could be someone else. But Scottie has red Ryan is in Brad's band. For the sake of messing up I wont tell you his role in the band. But he is awesome.
Brad is the drummer. He called me yesterday after he studied from 10 to 5. Roughly. With me interrupting every five minutes when I was sitting next to him. I quizzed him. He is genius. He said this to me.

Hi Brit

Oh hi Brad. How did you do!!?!?!?!??!?!

I don't think I want to be a doctor anymore.

You LIAR. What did you get!!!!!!!!


Ya Im marrying a genius.

This here, yes right here is a shot of the band. Brad is playing the guitar on this very song. HE is the second one over from the left. And no the first one is not naked chested. He has a nude colored shirt on.
Oh here he is again. I do not usually get up there. Its a crazy fest. Crazy Crazy fest.

Being disgustingly in love is awesome. I love it. Thanks Crystal for inspiring me to say that for the rest of my life.

Oh and thanks to somebody else for allowing me to steal these photos off your facebook page. Your camera is better than mine. SHhhh dont tell my camera. I guess you didnt allow me. I doubt you will ever even know though.

Oh Im dying my hair today.

And I slept one hour last night due to finishing an art book. I hope my teacher doesn't read that on my blog.

I watched two movies. Brad slept through two movies.

He twitches in his sleep.

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