Friday, April 17, 2009

I ask myself...

I always ask did I get to where I am now? How did I end up with Bradley L. Clark? How am I almost a Senior at BYU? How am I going to get through until next Wednesday?

And how am I still sane after this semester?

Oh I know how I am still sane...because I'm engaged.
ARe you sick of hearing about it? DO you think I'm sick of telling people about it? Im not. REally I plan to only tell people "Guess what!! Im engaged" ONCE in my life. I only get baptized once, I only plan to marry once. Wahooo!!!! Engaged To a drummer. And...a very HOt drummer.
you think thats all I care about dont you? Well I care about more too. Dont worry.
Brad had a concert TWO weeks ago...and we went back you know what happens backstage.....okay this is a family blog, I always forget. Jk. Nothing really happened backstage, except this.
Nothing too wonderful..we just took pictures. Some fan gave the entire band soccer jerseys. Brad is Beckham. And Im Victoria. Totally.
Brad totally looks like Beckham. If you dont think so here...what
No? Ya, he totally looks like Beckham...nope, he is better than Beckham..I actually have never seen Brad play soccer. He probably is good.
What about here???? Landon pointing really accentuates Brad's quality features here. You think I'm joking here...Im not.
After the concert we met my family because they came down for the weekend.....Faith is my sister and she is adorable. So adorable.

See my hand. ON the hand you see a ring. See the boy. Yes, I'm marrying that boy.

And some good news, we found an apartment...I'm moving in next week, not with Brad of course..............................

Oh and wanna see what we did for Easter??

Ian is on the horse, right out our back porch. Ammon is my brother who is autistic (person first when talking about a person with a disability, you cant say disabled person, if I learned anything from my special education class in which I finished the final yesterday it was that), anyway, Ammon was just chilling right next to me and then next thing you know he is running behind the horse. Totally normal. Totally Ammon. Totally freaky. Landon quickly whipped the horse around to protect Ammon. Later the horse side kicked Ammon to get him out of the way. It was freaky. We kept a better watch on him after that. The problem is he will just be standing there, all normal and you think okay he is safe, we are safe. Then wham he is gone.

Don't worry, you will see the Easter hunt images soon. So soon. Classes are over :) know that means you will see them soon, because really...who studies for finals...I have one tomorrow :) Morning.

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Eric & Hayley said...

Congrats on the engagement Brittany! I love that he has freckles. Boys with freckles ARE hot! :)