Monday, April 27, 2009

I think I did the best thing ever.

I added all my GMail drafts, which was previously my online journal. Now I use this. LDSJOURNAL.COM its perfect. Everyone do it. So easy.

Also I am trying to plan my wedding.


If I could just have someone do everything for me and all I have to do is walk out there. That would be perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Right now....I just wish everyone would be happy with anything. Like Brad and I are.

WEll we don't want overalls and gingham at our wedding.
There is so much to plan. So many little things. I dont even know who or how Im going to do my hair. My dress is getting altered. It might be too low cut. I wont find out till like a month before my wedding. Find a new dress. Ugh. What about a veil?

What about tablecloths?

What about should the bridesmaids wear red shoes?

Should I wear red shoes?

My colors are red and blue. Blue teal. Not American Pride blue and red. Not that I dont have American Pride. I do. I really do.

On a happier note. Brooke took this picture of us. In November. Right after we met. We had kissed, but it was still in the awkward stage.

So now we are getting married. In sixty 1 days. Or 61. Either is true.

And Im poor. I guess this is a blog to record my thinking process today.

Poor, a lot of planning to do, but happy.

I guess if I wasn't happy I wouldn't say that I wasn't on here.

I'm glad I don't have school. Until June 15. Stats. Yuck.

What else was I going to post to the world?
I can't remember.


Crystal said...

ha ha brad's face does look pretty awkward...peace signs are never a good sign. And I can't believe I can't wear my gingham dress to the wedding now. :) You're wedding will be wonderful because Brad is there no matter what else happens or doesn't happen. you're beautiful, enjoy the process :)

Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!I am so excited for you guys! (I have kept wondering when there would be this kind of news on here) Your ring is beautiful, and so are you and Brad's not too bad either:)