Friday, April 10, 2009

Then I remember..

I'm ENGAGED! But of course you knew that. I will forget sometimes, then someone will remind me, or my ring on my finger will remind me...

At first when I told Brad about the threshold he was okay with it. Mainly because he got to do this. We practiced. A lot. Then..he asked, "What is a threshold?" Oh honey. Where are your marriage tradition teachers? Where are they?

I forgot to tell you this. Huge mistake of mine. Huge. This is the night he proposed. This is a chocolate waffle made from cake mix. This was our dessert. Why significant? Well Mr. Brad (yikes that sounds like the Byu preschool teacher, Mr. Brad, I'll not call him that) Mr. Clark (yikes that sounds like Clark, the man who is a policeman, the man who always gives me the thumbs down sign). Okay Brad. Just Brad. baby cakes? OKay, joking I dont call him that.

Wow to the point. The point is... the night he came to my football game as my home teacher. I invited him for waffles after. He asked me to put syrup in every square. I wanted to impress him. He was cute, and I liked his saggy pants and Vans, also his spiked hair. ... So I did it. Syrup in every square. Waffles will forever be etched into our love story. He had to be meaningful, so he brought the waffle back (not to be confused with bringing sexy back). That was dumb, Im sorry.

One thing about Brad, is he comes to all my games. All of them. Yesterday I had two, one at 6 in Spanish Fork, Then one at 7 in Provo, luckily I was only a little late. And we won the first one, and lost by three in the second one. Ya, sad day at BYU. I had fouled four times in the last minute. That was fun. I grabbed a girl's upper body full on, that was gross. Sorry, family blog.

Brad knew we were going to get engaged this day....but did I.

Shhh. Dont tell.

PRetty sure he hates this picture. I like it, because it shows his freckles on his lips. Is this too much for the audience. I'll stop. This is going to be my HUSBAND. I think I can say that I like the freckles on his lips. Yes, yes I can.

Brad. Brad. Brad. Brad Clark. Brittany. Brittany. Brittany. Brittany Hansen. Not for long. Brittany Clark. Brittany Hansen Clark. OR should I keep my middle name. Nope, dont think I will, goodbye middle name.

Some people (my mom, my sisters) think Brad looks like a kid. Like he cant be adult, he is too...young looking. Well. He is. And Im marrying him.
I know, we are going to have first class attractive, full of personality kids. How could you not think so from this picture? How could you not just want to kiss our baby's face? Wait, we dont have a baby. Thank goodness. We arent even married!!!! Slow down Brittany. You gotta finish school.

I guess it is true, once you establish one point in your life, it seems that you want to move on to the next. Whatever, Im savoring marriage point in my life, for like ten years. No kids. Joke.

If you were wondering. Those are monsters on his shirt. And Im engaged. To his face.

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Berkeley said...

Waffles bring people together.