Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We are Renting.

It is true. Brad and I signed a contract for an apartment awhile back. Now his sister and I have moved in together until Brad and I obtain our marriage license.

If you want to call this moving in.

Don't worry that is not really our apartment. I wish. Ours is more like your bedroom. Yes your bedroom. Minus that extra space you have around your bed. We don't have any extra space.

And there is only one outlet in the bedroom.

That could be a problem.

In order to get in the fridge this morning. I had to stand about 3 feet away, lean over and lay my body on boxes then shimmy the fridge door open. Grab the milk before the door shut on my arm. I think I forgot to put it away, which wont be a problem because its cold enough in there to chill milk.

I'm happy though. I'm happy I won't have to move again in awhile.

Chelsea (Brad's sister) only brought with her pancake mix and candy. Perfect. We don't even have a microwave nor a toaster. We are really living the hard life. :)

But I love it.

I packed from 8 Am to midnight yesterday. And I don't have sheets on my bed.

But its our apartment. And that makes it perfect.

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