Friday, April 17, 2009

Party for You.

A party for Jan. She is adorable.
Jayni, Jan and I at the party. Some people thought I wore this headband because I was bald. No I am not bald.
I love his face. Even though I love his face I do leave his side sometimes. And that causes him to get hit on at parties by girls who do not know he is PRACTICALLY married. Basically. Might as well be. Gosh 68 Days. What am I going to look forward to after we get married, oh probably Lava Hot Springs.

I was taking pictures of Landon and Brad playing pool, then something sparkly on my left hand caught my eye. Wow I forgot about it. I know you probably did too. So I just reminded you.
Landon usually checks Brad out...this was only one of Brad's spectacular misses. I think right here he hit the white ball in. Just kidding.
Pretty sure he had no idea...not one clue. Shoot I need to study for my final. What am I doing posting on my blog?
My mom grew up with these fine ladies, and it was their daughters who were throwing the party. Peggy, Landon, Me, Brad, Brooke, and Betsy. And we are all practically related.
He is handsome, but don't be deceived by his face right here.
Oh yes, you still look handsome.
Brad, I have told you a million times, this is a family blog. You shouldnt do that, because I can use that against you to show the world really how...terrible you are.
"Oh please Brittany, please dont tell the world how I really am terrible."-Brad. He really said that. Even if he didn't, he can't combat it, cuz this is my blog.
"Brittany, please don't tell the world how horrible I am, please, I will steal your ipod if you do."-Brad
Not handsome anymore.


I am marrying him?

P.S. He really isn't terrible. Not at all. But I can't get all mushy on my blog. No, I can't.

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