Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If Easter..

If Easter lasted all the time, like all day long..I would be so huge and gross and eat candy all the time. With eating candy I would have no energy. But you knew that, because you ate way too much candy on Easter too huh? It is those stupid Reese's peanut butter eggs, they come in that addicting yellow wrapper. Yum. So being engaged still has its drama. It still isn't perfect like you think it would be. Drama? Ha!! Totally better when you are engaged though. Its drama you dream about, drama you wish you had over single people drama. Trust me I remember.

Just be thinking about who you want to marry as you look at my Easter pictures. If you cant decide who you want to marry, then just forget about it. Maybe you just want to be single forever. Thats cool too. :)

Maybe I am just a little focused on marriage right now. It doesnt mean you have to be too. You can find happiness elsewhere. Like if you are already married, probably your kids, or your job, or your husband. Freak I cant wait till Brad is officially my husband. Fiance is so....boringly cliche. Sorry for whoever invented that word. They are probably long gone anyway. Back to Easter. Oh and finals. I just took my last one today. If I could make a bulleted list and publish it to the nation of what the BYU testing center is like...it would say the following.

A lot of farting.
From the man behind me.
He must not have known that is usually not acceptable in front of people, unless its your fiance. No deeper meaning there.
Smart people surrounding you. Don't compare your notes to theirs, most likely they are doing an equation that has symbols you have never seen. It's discouraging.
Bacteria. Probably everywhere.
Hotness. Shoving over 500 people into one room with desks so close you have to walk sideways to get to the end of the tunnel.
Positive things, like a water fountain in the back of the place. But that can be negative because when everyone is glaring you down for interrupting them by brushing their shoulders...its not worth the fifteen second drink that will just be sweated off in two minutes anyway..
Another positive thing. They have those gray chairs with a desk, as opposed to the porcelain looking chairs that hurt really bad. Gray plastic reclining, go for those. But that also is negative because everyone wants those. And there are only twenty out of 500 of them.
Gum popping.
Sweat from the person in front of you. Dripping on your desk.
Walking downstairs and seeing GREAT next to your test score. Then realizing you didnt follow your id number over right, and yours actually says 54%. (Not connected to me...at least not this time :))



Side tracked something serious.

Faith has this problem..she thinks she is chunky. We tell her she isn't but still she refuses to leave the scale for fear she might be gaining. Okay that was the hugest lie ever. But she is cute. And her shirt says something about candy. Which Summer bought for her. Summer my sister, not the season. Pretty sure the season cant buy things. I wish, then it would buy me fifty pairs of j crew flip flops. With alligators on them. There is something about Easter. And football on Sunday. What....its a family activity....right? Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad :) 30th...right? Still practicing the whole 'threshold' thing. At random times Brad likes to look at me, hold his arms out and whisper, "threshold." Right after my heart drops into my large intestine I jump up and we exchange that look of completion, like sweet we are going to rock the whole 'threshold' thing. Good thing we have been practicing for months.
There is nothing better than Standrod, Easter, and football. But I already said that.
I totally feel like I found the biggest jackpot. Like twelve eggs in one spot in a tree nook. I didn't even have to keep looking. I was fulfilled. You know I am dyeing my hair tomorrow. Brad likes it how it is. I don't. He is way supportive though. He traded all the good candy with the little kids. Meaning....he gave them the bad candy. My grandpa. He wears suspenders. I love him. He has these rainbow ones. I love those. My brother Tanner and his amazingly beautiful wife Amanda blessed their baby Sophia Gloria on Easter Sunday. I loved her dress. When I went to see her baby in the hospital I went with Brad. I guess holding a new born baby with the man you are going to marry is a good feeling. A really good feeling. Echo has great hair. So does Brad. They both do. What happened to me? Mom. Sorry its blurry. But this is the VERY first picture I have ever gotten of her looking. Its like she is changing who she is. She didnt know I would put this up, nor did she know I would be fast enough before she put her hand in front of her face. I see how I look like her. Duh, you know what this is. The line for food. I loved the funeral potatoes. Gosh I could eat those all night. Yes, in my sleep. Brad felt the need to victory pose for finding our basket. Yes, cows were amazed at his arrogance as well. He had to climb this tree, and rescue our Easter. Thank you Brad. And good job Honey, you are the best Easter basket hunter ever. He is still on the tree. I couldnt really get enough of his face. I really should have been getting ready for church right here. Instead...I was looking at him through a viewfinder. Ethan says, "This Easter was a success." What! Get the horse outta the house. See previous post for an awesome video of the horse. Doing backflips. Lad.....all by himself..Landon totally isnt holding the lead rope. Faith. Faith has a diaper on. Faith also has what we call a Easter sweater. Thanks aunt Tenaly. :) Ian and his horse skills. He said his legs itched. I wonder why. Easter creates meaningful experiences in which we can relate back to later in life to help us mentally and emotionally :)

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Crystal said...

I love that you know how disgustingly in love you are. May you always be so disgustingly in love, is my wish for you :)