Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan: Boring, I think not.

I decided to start a 'how to' portion of my blog. I felt like I could benefit many readers. Who doesn't need to know how to clean a ceiling fan? Nobody! Everybody needs to know this. Everybody.
And this is stuff that not everybody knows. This is secretive, valuable stuff that I am sharing with you.

Stuff that you won't find in books, or anywhere else online.

Nobody teaches you how to clean a ceiling fan, not even your mom. Ask her, she probably will not even know HOW to begin to give you a step by step process. If you stopped reading here. ..GEt BACK TO READING THIS IS NEVER SEEN BEFORE STUFF.

Okay I'll stop with all of that. Truth need to know this.

This is the fan in my bedroom. This is the wing to the fan. Look at the dirt and grim build up. You know its a high quality fan by the way it cuts through the air and gathers all this dust. Boy its a good fan. Or, we use it 24/7 cuz our house is hot hot hot.
Here is a more open view of the wing of my fan. See the dirt build up, needs cleaning and I am about to show you how.
This is one way how. I also suggest clorox wipes, but the problem there is, with wings this dirty, we are going to use 20 clorox wipes, and does a ceiling fan need to be disinfected? Not necessarily, you aren't eating off of it, sucking on it, or cutting your meat on it, so...its a better bet to get rid of the dirt and grime and hope this does the job, since you wont be you know sucking on it. So get your Pledge multi surface spray.
So the first thing you need is a delicate hand like mine, and a paper towel. I buy the 70 cent rolls at Macey's, Smith's or wherever else you can find these high quality rolls. The need for expensive high roller rolls is not needed in this job. I will tell you when it is needed, like cleaning toliets. When you clean a toilet you do not want your towel to rip and get on your hands. YUCK. You need high quality rolls then.
 Then take your Pledge multi surface spray, and spray a few squirts on the paper towel, not too much, not drenched, because remember these paper towels are NOT the high roller rolls, they will rip if they get too damp, they aren't bounty, HELLO be careful with the squirts.
Then take a few squirts on your wing. Once again, lightly this isn't a swimming pool on here, its a misting pool chair, lightly damp people.
Then you wipe along the edge. It's a nice feeling its a liberating feeling. It's a successful feeling. I take my thumb and put it under the wing, then I take my four fingers above the wing and slide my hand along it. And this is my result. Grime Dirt, great feeling.
Then you keep going with that sliding motion. You may need to reapply the
a few times.
This may happen. This may drip on your bed, or whatever is below you. No worries just pull out your
and pick it up.
Please dispose of your trash. Please. It has black grime on it. Throw it away and say goodbye. 
I hope you have learned everything you have ever dreamed of today.
Remember that sliding motion with your hand.
It's crucial in cleaning a ceiling fan.

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Natalie Jane said...

Thank you Brittany. So informative. Someday I'll have a ceiling fan of my own and I'll remember this motherly advice. :) And yes, let's do get some snowies and exchange cameras soon. That's what summer is about!