Thursday, July 29, 2010

Does your?

Husband do the dishes, or I guess if you are a male reading my blog (rare but possible) does your wife do the dishes after you make dinner and zucchini bread? Did I just have to do spell check on zucchini? Yes. 

Brad seems to always love to do the dishes.

Look at how much he loves it!
Look at all that laundry piling up! Gross!! I need to get on that, and get it done. Too much swimming going on.

Brad and I just got back from our annual Lava Hot Springs trip.

Hans and Frans are the Emcee's at the talent show.
If you don't know who they are....check this OUT!

The Talent Show is a big deal...there are many viewers.

This is Tresa and Tess, Tresa is the mom, Tess is the daughter (my cousin). Paisley is in Tess's lap, and Grace is in Tresa's lap. Tess and Paisley are sisters. Paisley is Tresa's grandaughter. Grace is Paisley's aunt. Cool huh? There are a few of those in my family :)

Faith was a grumpy stumpy, so I told her to look at me and she looked and I caught this beautiful expression of love and joy.

Of course Brad and I hit up Buddy's Oasis which consisted of two boiling hot tubs. We were alone in this oasis. I was waterlogged by the end of it.

It is going to become an annual event. This Buddy's Oasis.

The next day is tube the river day.
We load up in this trailer and try to not get pulled over. When kids were screaming, my aunt Robin said, "Don't scream, MOO!!"

Then we make the trek down to the river. This is Tyler. He actually is TJ to me.

Then we all link up and have a grand ol' time. This is me attempting to keep Lad happy, and hold on to other's tubes.

Then we smile and are so happy we came to Lava.


Amber Chappell said...

I thought I should let you know that I stole one of your Lava pics for my blog since I didn't have a camera with me. Hope you don't mind!

Also, I really like your new header, it's cute!

Brittany Clark said...

oh no problem, take whatever you need, and thank you!!