Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have some really great

They are so great and man are they ever cute!
You see we had Mad Mad's party, and I took some shots of their faces. Cute faces. SO cute faces.
Maddie, she is the oldest of my sister's children, she is also the first grandchild on both sides!!!! It was her birthday, and she has a lisp, just like Hannah. We don't make fun of it though, we embrace it. Or embrath it....Get it? Embrace with a I have a lisp. Ya, okay, moving on.
Then there is Molly, she doesn't have this weird underbite in real life, she just was a little confused at my desire to shove a camera in her face. Her swim suit was to die for cute, it had that ruffle factor going on, makes you wanna squeeze cheeks and cuddle with the cute baby wearing it. She is a doll and we love her, she gets attached to people and never leaves their side.
And this doll is Halle. No way you can't pick her up and kiss her and shake her making sure she is real, because she is so cute. No stinkin way. Especially when she does this..

Goodness, look at those teeth, and those cheeks, and those eyes....I need a baby to stare at. Because this is unreal. If you are a mom out there, did you crave babies before you had one? And after you had one?
I'm an addicted craver. Then I look at my bank account, years left in school for Brad, and say...there will be plenty of time for babies. But I still crave them, addictively.
Mother Hannah, I just hope I look as good as she does after three girls.
Father Jeremy. He's a dentist. So they all have picture perfect teeth. Brad and I can't afford the dentist, so its been topic.
You know, I have lots of nieces, and don't feel I love these nieces more than the others, by no means do I. I love them all the same.

This is Sophia. She is Tanner's baby. I love her, and so does Brad apparently, because when she fell in I said. BRAD! She fell in! GRAB HER!! And she was grabbed immediately by Brad. Amanda is her mama.
So, I promise my nieces are the greatest thing. You just have to experience them, but don't think I left out my favorite toddler...

Faith, my sister. She's 3 now. And thinks she owns the world.
But this is about my nieces, so get your own blog post Faith. 
Oh, and my other needy friend.

Brad. Can't you see him? With that adorable tube that makes him nerdy? Well there he is.


Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

um ya we haven't been to the dentist in ages. and i want babies! when we can afford dental care, maybe we can afford babies

Robnz Fam said...

So, way cute post. I love getting to know those sweet little girls through your blog! They are all beautiful!!