Friday, July 23, 2010

It's true.

It's true... I golf. I golf. I took a golf class, and now I golf frequently. With Brad, Chelsea, or whoever wants to come. At first it was a matter of, "Oh my gosh, I'm throwing my ball forward, because I can throw it farther than I can hit it." But now it's a matter of, I can get 3 over par!!!! Or less. I did get par once...yesterday. It was great. And I lost my cell phone for a matter of time, and I didn't even care. It was like, finally, a break from people calling and telling me, "Sorry we hired someone else."

You know, a break from rejection, failure, and you are not good enough.

But on a lighter note I had a small meltdown yesterday.
I couldn't even feel like I could leave the house. I thought I was fat...freak I know that is so stupid.
But I justify it by thinking that every girl feels that way. It is like you are too fat for you, even if you aren't per-say....overweight.

Brad spent like 30 minutes attempting to convince me I wasn't. When I really just felt that way. So I put on a baggy shirt and felt lots better. Sometimes showing less is more. Like one piece swim suits you know.

I also had dreams all night last night that I was pregnant, more like nightmares. It was like we couldn't afford a crib, and so the baby had to sleep with me, and I was worried I was going to roll over the baby all night, like my favorite story in the Bible, where they are going to cut the baby in half.

Now I am going to paint my mother-in-law's house. Ya, the whole thing with a paint brush.

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