Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why did this ever go away?

You know that feeling when you got engaged??
That feeling of utter desperateness to let everyone know how happy you are. How you just chose your soul mate? How you are jumping inside, and nothing could go wrong? And you have so much to look forward to, bridal showers, wedding day, wedding night, then marriage.
Remember that feeling of such happiness it is just weird how your body could ever be that happy?
I hate how that goes away.
But let's talk about other things that go away.
(thanks Brad's mom and grandma for being okay with me and my weirdness) 
Innocence, but not freckles.
Freckles always stay.

The ability to dress up like this when it's not Halloween...and everything is fine. 
The ability to spread flour everywhere and wear no pants or diaper, and drink a bottle. Oh bottle drinking, why did that ever go away?
My operator job....why oh why did it ever have to go away?
Oh  my goodness, these things are depressing me. I want to talk about something else now...
There...that's better. Maybe Brad's desire to get a gun, will come sooner than he thought.

1 comment:

Beka and Eric Sorensen said...

Brad totally looks like Tom Cruise in that freckles picture! ;)