Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Late Night Monop.

What do you do when you are bored, its 10:00 PM, and you feel like being adventurous?

You guessed it. Monopoly. Not just any Monopoly, but Disney Pixar Monopoly.

You see ever since I was a kid, I love Monopoly. Sally Landon and I would lock ourselves in a room and play for hours and hours and hours. I know the properties upside down, and inside out. (What does that even mean?) I know the rules. The money, the system. I played Brad when we were dating and I murdered him. But I was kind and let him do well.

This time...I was not so fortunate. 
By the end of the game...Brad was the bank. this is is money stash. He had all of it.
He had this many properties the entire game. Except three of them I gave him in payment of one of his 21034923095 dollar rents. He landed on all of them. It was luck beyond luck. All the railroads, all the utilities. All the yellows (my favorite). He was so lucky. And he was so stingy. He wouldnt trade me anything!
Here are my ownings. He justified that because I owned the most valuable properties, he didn't need to trade me. He landed on them once.
Oh my cash flow is nothing. And he landed on free parking 1039834237 times.

Sorry for all this monopoly talk. I may still be a little bitter about it.


Just Some Dude said...

I'm having a bit of trouble relating. You see, these Monopoly games seem to last for 12 days, and in the end I want to die even if I'm winning. I think, "Isn't there a video game somewhere where I can shoot stuff? Things? People?" And I don't even like video games. Monopoly makes me want to shoot stuff.

Natalie Jane said...

Yeah Monopoly for me usually ends with someone screaming "RUNAWAY TRAIN" and driving their train all over the board, sending the houses and hotels flying...