Monday, July 12, 2010

DI Hards.

Ya, thats right. DI hards. We love DI. And I personally think that there are some real gems there.
We always get so lucky when we get there. Whenever we just stop by. Just driving by and decide to plop in, we get gems. real gems. 
Like three bags of golf balls for six dollars.

With lots of pro v1s. 

Apparently those are the best. Buying these motivated Brad to clean his golf clubs. See what the DI does for us. Some great things, some really great things.

Also, this stamp kit I found digging through a tupperware. It's making memories, magnetic stamps. Which retail for like 30 bucks. I didn't even tell the guy that. I just said, "I found these stamps." He said,"Um...... 1 dollar okay?" I kinda choked. "Yep that's perfect."-Brittany

Oh I can't wait to use those stamps. And now for the grand prize.

 A working handheld catch phrase. 
Can you believe that? It works too!
Brad and I always used to play this while we were dating, just him and I, we were so good at it. He could say a few words and I would guess it. Then we would switch. Since we were on the same team, it didn't matter who buzzed :)

DI hards. 
Check out the DI sometime. You will become a DI hard too.

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