Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Early Morning

It's funny how early morning in the summer is around 11:00. And during the school year its around 7:00. And that's just the way it is. Brad had to go train a guy in his lab how to take samples from mice, or something complicated like that. 
I have 2 job interviews today. Job interviews that are really good jobs.
I just hope I get them. Pray I get them. Well one of them would be perfect, because that's all I need right? Just one job. Some people can't find any jobs...so one would be a miracle on my street.

It's Natalie's birthday today.
We do cool things at the pool together.
Like this...
This is our signature birthing move. 
Natalie did a face plant. It was a cute one.
So yesterday we celebrated by going to Macaroni Grill. The lady sang to her, while I was on my phone to the guy I sold my car to. It was awkward and he wouldn't stop talking so I just hung up, when I called him back, I said, "Sorry I must have lost you."
Really the truth would have been fine too, "Hey sorry, you were talking and talking, so I just hung up because the lady was singing in Italian happy birthday to my dear friend, and I had to be there."

We are friends. And Happy birthday Natalie. On my gmail chat where her name goes it says Nat Nat.
She's adorable.

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Natalie Jane said...

Thanks Brittany! I'm so glad I made the blog!!!! It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER