Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Its strange to think that I am becoming so many things this year.

A bride.

A wife.

And a teacher.

As I left my third graders today I was flooded with licorice, donuts, flower for my hair, notes, cards, candy, and one boy asked me everyday what my favorite treat was.

I was suspicious of his questions.

The day before he left he asked me again.

I changed from cinnamon bears, cupcakes with pink frosting, to finally the day before it was a sprinkled donut with chocolate frosting.

The next day....

I received that sprinkled chocolate icing donut.

At what point can anyone say teachers do nothing.

After many notes of, "WE WILL MISS YOU."

I realized, maybe all my reading with them, teaching them, getting mad at them for being mean to their friends, or telling them it was okay to cry sometimes, did do something.

Did help them.

Helped them.

I had no idea they remembered the things I had told them, had helped them learn...

No idea their parents would go get me my favorite treat.

I think the pay is terrible.

Who doesn't?

But its worth it.

Its worth those tight hugs they gave me today.

The voices that said, Oh my gosh, please don't go, can I just hug you all the way to your car?"

The students that cried and shied away and nearly made me cry.

Goodness, I'll miss them singing Michael Jackson and obsessing over Twilight.

I'll miss them telling me I look great, or terrible.

But aside from that..

It was Sally's birthday yesterday.

Pizza pie cafe. Cheap, but good. Loved so many things about it.
Brad said to me, I'm just going to spray hairspray in my hair and see what happens. It turned into a very hot mohawk.
Sal's friend who is on the UVU track team with her got her a little birthday surprise. The problem was...he brought out six spoons. There was only five of us...so clearly I used two spoons to shovel in faster than everyone else.
I made her this card. She died with how cute the button stickers that said, sal were. She lost her breath, then screamed and jumped at how cute the letters were.

I decorated this cake.


Its gorgeous don't cha think?

okay...it says HB...sal

HB means happy birthday, which took the 4.0 GPA college student on 15 scholarships about 1 minute to figure out...

Nobody ever gets that.

Its okay.

I joke decorated this...Then i frosted it and gave it to her, for reals frosted it.

Mr. Study Face had to study during the time being....about protein and cheese probably...
I guess I used to be more of a studier. Now I am a lessonplanwriterer.
Landon was caught in the act with his girlyfriend.
Are they really dating?

I'm really not sure what their status is.

But I guess they are together now, if they weren't before, because I just made it...
Brooke and I went together and got this adorable black dress for Sally, As you can see she is standing in the finest part of my house. You see the donated couch, rug, bookcase, and red picture holder thingy. Not gifts, just donated generously.
Why are you studying again? He is faking.

Really he is about to watch the office.

Jk he really was studying.

PS I cant wait to spend Christmas break with this doll face.

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Natalie Jane said...

I love all the things you're becoming. I want to become those things....then our lives can be the same. except I'll teach the students who are older and brattier. :)