Friday, December 4, 2009


Some people think they have a perfect husband.

Oh wow are they wrong.

I think I hit the jackpot with that perfect husband.

But I'm just bragging.

Last night I went to my sister's makeup show. I'll tell you about that later.

Then I came home to my casa and saw this.

Now some wives would think this wasn't a big deal.
Not me. It is a big deal. Mr. Clark has a huge test today, and last night he spent 8 hours reviewing for it. But in his break, instead of going to blimpie to buy a sammie. He did this.
He left that brush in the sink like he was leaving a statement, "Take that you dirty disgusting dishes that Brittany never does."-Mr. Guitar Lover

He texted me, I left a surprise for you on the table.

I walked in and thought that dishes was what he meant, so I hugged him a lot when he got home.

But really he meant he found my lost ID card in his sexy gap coat. And he had put that id card on the table too, with a note. -I found this and P.s. I did the dishes! :)

The coat he rode down the mountain in at Sundance on Jan 1, 2008.

The coat he was wearing when I confirmed in my own mind that I loved him.

As he rode in front of me I thought, I love him. Even if he does leave me in the dust....or snow...whatever.

At what point do I confess to him that I tricked him into marrying me?

That I took advantage of his extreme perfectness and put on the pretty I'm so great Brittany.

I'll never tell him.

No not never.

But come to think of it, he has seen me at my worst, you know the crying for no reason, makeup running down the face worst?

Ya he has seen that.

Oh and the frizzy no good hair do I wake up in the morning with.

Ya he has seen that.

Oh what bout my sassy attitude. I snap back at him like a mad hippo.

Ya, so he has seen the worst.

I guess I could only hold the I'm so perfect marry me face for a week or so.

But that was enough. I caught em.

Don't let him see this post.

Then he will know all along.

But I guess it could get worse.

I could walk around the house all day with this.

That would scare him to death. Not sure how he would envelop me in his arms and kiss my cheek if I was lookin like this. First of all, my face would be so tight, I wouldn't be able to bring my lips together to kiss his lips.

So he wouldn't be okay with that.

His sister Chels, you know the one that loves kitties, and rescued Doodle....seems to look pretty aweful with it too.

So I guess I'm okay.

Disclaimer: Brad did question my ability to dirty so many dishes in only a few cookings.
Disclaimer: The dishes are his job that he has chosen to uphold. But he chose that himself, I'm not a bosser-arounder. At least not all the time.

P.S. A favorite quotes from the 3rd Graders this week: On monday: Mrs. Cwark, only 24 days till Christmas right?
On Tuesday: Christmas is on the firteeith right?
On Wednesday: I suck at being on camera. One time when I was on camera I made this (demonstrated an extremely ugly face) face. (after I had my camera out videoing my teaching).
Another on Wednesday: No I want Mrs. Cwark to sit by me, not that I don't like you, I just like her more.


Bradham BUzz said...

I LOVE this post...for two reasons..

1: because Garrett does the exact same thing...he will text me while I am at work and say..I have a suprise for you..when I come home, the house is totally clean...bliss

2: YOU CRACK ME UP!...seriously, your blog is so entertaining!

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

you are so freakin funny! and don't you love it when they surprise you with little things like that.... ???