Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh the Beauty

We are finally done. School is out, and we celebrated by driving up to my friend's reception in Burley, Idaho.

Brad got out of the car at Walmart and said, "It smells funny here."

Ya Brad, every town in Idaho has its different smells.

Mink farms, dairy farms, alfalfa farms...you name it. We got it.

We went into Walmart and saw many people we knew there. All doing the same thing.

Getting a present for Kayla before the reception.

Kayla was absolutely beautiful.
We were best friends for so long.....since we were like 5. Yep kindergarten we fell deeply in friend love. I believe we had matching Dalmatian dog bone best/friends necklaces. You know, the bone split in half, she had one, I had the other. Kept us bonded. Forever bonded.
She looks so radiant next to me..I need a hair job...Maybe thats why I trimmed my own hair this morning over the toilet...it looks fresher, but the color is drab. Kayla does hair, and permanent makeup for a living. Maybe I should take her up on it.

Brad was so happy to be there. :) I made him wear the dreaded polo. He doesn't love polos. He only loves t-shirts. But boy do I love his freckles and dimples. Enough to let him wear a t-shirt and jeans to a reception. Maybe next time.
These are my high school mates. Now all of us are married except Jason. He is on the far right. Any girls need an awesome stylish hard worker, smarter than freak kid? Also he does animation...and he served in Ukraine. Just call 1-800-Jason. Jason and Eric were my closest friends my Senior year, we were in Chemistry together with a bunch of juniors, we all fought for the highest score. It was fun, We all got over 100 percent. Competition does that to you.
Faith and Summer cheesing the perfect cheese. My mom told Faith to 'shhh' in church. Faith responded with, "DONT SAY THAT WORD" and a little hit to my mom's knee.

I also was trying to get her to take a nap with my mom and I, my mom kept telling her to shhh, and I was trying to talk to her about being nicer to Molly (her niece who is 2), she responded with listening for awhile then she said, "I dont like this room." Very well put for a two year old who is getting hammered with dont do this, do this, be quiet. She frankly just didn't like the room...
We told Molly to give us her poker face. She was very quick to do this. Over and over again.

Merry Christmas, and prepare yourself for my upcoming surprise of a lifetime.

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Robnz Fam said...

I can't even tell you how many people have told me that Burley stinks. I don't get it...I smell nothing...not even after being away from home for 8 years!