Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well as you all probably are aware, I have a brother named Lad. He is quite cute, with such a great attitude :) He comes home from school and gets right to his homework, he is up before my parents and is never late for the bus. He also loves Bradley Clark to death. He is always right next to his side. But Mr. Lad is soft hearted, but aren't we all? During the longest Phase 10 game of my life, Lad and Brad were playing 'shoot each other' with the nerf gun.

Lad was shooting at Brad and missed, and hit Landon right in the eye.

Brad immediately burst into an outburst of bursting laughter.

Landon yelled, "Gosh Lad you hit me right in the eye, OUCH!"

Lad got that look on his face, and said holding back tears, "I did....didn't mean to." Then he burst into tears and buried his face in the couch.

Brad still laughing, because he thought it was a great shot.

Landon grabbed Lad and held him while he cried, assuring him that it was ok.

Brad still laughing.

Brad thinking Lad had a great shot all the while.

So Lad has a soft little heart.

But as you may all NOT know...Brad and I chose Lad in a random drawing I had at work. My co-worker picked the names and I wrote them down.

We got Lad....well watch the video :)
And Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

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Jared & Christina said...

Wow, did you guys have the whole clan at home for Christmas? Now that would be fun! :)

I agree Lad must have a really good shot.

Are you guys at the Y then?