Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's that you say?

Oh my is that Mr. Clark hikin the ball?
Yes siree.

Did you say that they won?
Yes yes I did.
Did you say Brandon's legs are too skinny to hold up his sockies.
Yes yes I did.

They walked away with a playoff win.
Eli was sporting a collar under his jersey. Classy Eli. He pretty much stole the game away with is snapping turtle hands.
Now for the championship.

Bring on the bitter cold.

And some frozen toes.

I'm wearing boots this time.

We chicas come for the game of course.

But don't worry, I didn't miss Brad getting his britches nearly pulled off. How could I? That's extreme stuff. ExtremeLY exciting stuff.

The fathers of the team members were there, coaching away. Its okay dads. We got it. We will just scare you to death by going into double overtime, and wear our middle school jerseys all the while. If you didn't go to Timpview. You are a terrible brute.

I guess I fall into that category.

Alright boys, girls will be passing out bear hugs after the game, whether you win or lose. But it will be a longer and softer bear hug if you win.

Brenna proved this bribe we gave them at the beginning by giving her snapping turtle hands Eli a hug of love and victory.

Did I mention we went to the Bar J Wranglers concert after?

And Brad was tempted to ask if he could be the newest member and be a drummer.

Welp, they wanted him, but he wouldn't wear the wranglers. Belt buckle he was okay with, but he said, the wranglers are what got him. Such a picky pete.

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