Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas surprise.

Well Christmas came and went this year didn't it?

I wasn't able to say Merry Christmas without the day just being gone before my eyes.

Gosh we had such a fun break. On the way to our house we drive by my Grandma's house. He said, there is a cow in the road. I said no..thats a miniature pony. He said, "NO WAY!" I said, Brad dear, you have been married to me for six months tomorrow, and you knew me eight months before that and you didn't know my grandma loves mini ponies? So he said, I want a picture....Alrighty Bradley.

But now we are back in Provo. Back to reality.

No more huge showers. Huge rooms. With a wii.

No more screamin babies.

No more food cooked to perfection.

No more bacon that was right from a pig that my dad bought and killed. Or had killed I guess.

No more sausage burritos from that same piggy.

No more ice cream shakes everyday, or two a day.

No more phase ten.

No more Risk.

No more sleepin in to 11:30

No more Christmas Eve programs

No more Hansen Family talent shows.

So my Christmas surprise...

Is to give you all a small video glimpse of each sibling opening their presents.

So you can see...

what it is like...to be a Hansen.

Or a Hansen by default (marrying a Hansen).
Here is Christmas morning. We sit and wait and stare at these red bags with our names on them, for hours, days, what seems like months.

So we will start from the beginning.


Well first let me start with the information you need to understand this chaotic disaster.

We start from the youngest to oldest. Always...but this Christmas we were confused, because there was five nieces to worry about as well.

So I will start with those little chaps first.

I missed Halle and Ashtyn because they are still in the non-excited about Christmas phase. Sophie is Tanner's little girl and she is just barely emerging out of that stage. So please ignore my annoying laughs and grunts throughout all the videos..including this one.

Now we have Hannah's children. She has three adorable girls. She lives in AZ with her husband Jeremy, who is now a practicing dentist! Someday I will make it to their spot, with a practicing doctor as a husband. Sometimes Brad and I joke around. I will grab him by the shoulders and fake plead with him, "You are going to be a doctor, right? Right? Right?" Then I will fall to the bed and say, "Oh no, I thought I was going to marry a doctor." Sigh...then he will tickle me silly. And I will tickle him, because usually I win in those battles.

Anyway, here is the Skinner Family. Maddie is the oldest with the Muppets video, Molly is sitting on Jeremy's lap and Halle is eating a jumprope. Hannah is videoing, every once in a while you will hear her voice, and I even confused it with my voice, so you may too.

And I believe Remi opened presents before hand so she didn't really have any, but she did recieve the huge doll house along with Maddie, Faith already has one that I actually got for Christmas, identical to these you see in the picture above. So Tosha's oldest, Remi, you will see here below in Faith's video.

Faith recieved many more gifts, but I didn't record her opening her bag, yet a glimpse of her plethora of presents. But the bag was mostly clothes...BORING.
So I guess you have to wait to hear what I got for Christmas....and see it for yourself :)

Merry Christmas!

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