Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Tripola.

You all know I am married.
You see his stinkin face all over this stinkin blog.
Because I said, I do.
Actually I said yes.
Regardless, I am married, and because of that, I gave up my holidays to splitting.
Now, not that there is a downside to marriage.
But if there is.
Its missing my family.
Shut up! You miss your family?-Random person who hates their family.
But after the initial shock I turned out okay.
It may have been Brad that sucked me out of the delirious depression of being away from the family for the first Thanksgiving ever.
No screaming.
No paper plates.
Ceramic plates. For the first time.
I should be eating kelp or something after that break to lose weight.
Instead Im eating red vines.
Delicious red vines.
I just realized I didn't take pictures of the meal.
How could I?
If I would have, they would have asked me if I was going to show my family later and make fun of it.
Well I did make frog eye salad, so that was what was covering most of my plate. So imagine that.
Things were wonderful. Even if I missed home a little and was out of my element. I got over it.
Lots and lots of eventful things happened. We visited the Sacramento Temple. As you can see we were super reverent and modest.
We visited Pier 39 and spent several minutes in front of this Tree.
By several minutes I mean an hour.
Chels is Brad's sister. She is full of energy, and loves rock band and kitties. She is now raising doodle as her own. Doodle was born at my house in Standrod. Now instead of getting eaten by a bird, he will have a collar and a dish of food all to himself. I guess our San Fran trip was successful. It was nice to come back after 2 years.
This is me two years ago. In January. On Pier 39, little did I know I would be back, married.
Here I am, so much happier. If you can't tell.
I don't know if anyone ever noticed us at this tree. Oh well if they did. They say if you jump with your hands in your pockets you will have good luck the rest of your life.
We made it to Ghiradelli. Dont you worry.
We helped Brad's grandpa pack up and move to Oregon. I got a few bruises from that furniture. I was climbin all up in there while people threw things to me. It was quite a fun time. The King size mattress wouldn't fit down the stairs with all the weird angles. So, we took it over the banister. I had to catch it, so I really couldn't document that....
This is what they spent their break doing. Guitar Hero. Seems awfully fun doesn't it? Me myself, Im addicted to Mario Party.

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Karenin Jaar Robison said...

how fun!! i love san francisco