Friday, December 4, 2009


I know a lot of my family members read this. I just thought I would quickly give them reasons why I love them starting with my dad.
Dad- I love you because you are my go to man. I know I can go to you for anything, and I know you will be there for me. And because I inherited your calves.
Mom-You are a miracle. Constantly assisting me and I'm sure all of your other children, its like I demand your attention, and never have I not received it. You are so smart, you know everything about raising kids, and I only hope you will be a phone call away while I raise all my kids.
Brooke- You are so very talented, and I am always so excited to say you are my sister. Not only are you beautiful, but you are so kind to every soul you meet. Always seeing the good in them, never the bad.
Tosha-Another talented sister. And also beautiful. You are smart as a whip, and so good at Spanish :). But also you always listen to me, and find the jokes, you appreciate me, and have always supported and loved me.
Hannah-Once again, talented. But not one soul in my family isn't full of talents. But mostly I love you because of how easy going you are. You are so good with people, and your kids. You would do anything anyone asked of you without complaining. And always feel like you can improve. I may or may not be talking about the cake :) No, but its true in every aspect.
Tanner-You were always so cool to me in high school because of how tall and good at basketball you were. Also, I have always respected you and your advice. And you married Amanda when all odds were against you, you loved her and you kept fighting for her. That may sound stupid, but it was a great example to me that you know what is right and you will fight for it.
Summer-Freak sum bum. Where do I begin with you? You were just older than me, and I always looked up to you. You had this attitude about you like it didn't matter what anyone thought. Whenever I try to wear something new, I worry what people will think of me, then I think of track practice how you just wore tights, and everyone else wore shorts over their tights. So basically not only are you a good example, but you love me no matter what, and you love to laugh and enjoy life. You have been through hard times and you have only taken them and improved. Plus you are freakin talented too. Painting, scrapping, farming...and thats all I can think of right now.
Landon-My dearest and closest brother. Not only have you always been my playmate, but you stood up for me, you would drive to Maryland and back for me if I asked you to. And you wouldn't ask for gas money. You clearly can sleep at my one bedroom house anytime. Sorry you have to sleep on the kitchen floor. We played cars and trucks together, I cried to you when I broke up with boyfriends. I wrote you on your mission. You taught me so much, and kept me going. You are the best. And you became such good friends with Brad, I love that.
Sally-Oh dearest. You are a walking athlete machine. But besides that I could always sense that you knew I loved you to the core. And, we have this connection that I will never have with anyone else. We bond the minute we see each other. Its like we know everything about each other, and just connect. No girl friend will replace you because no matter are the bestest friend. Words cannot even describe you girlyo.
Shad-Shad hands down I love you because the minute I brought Brad home, you were by his side teaching him the ways of the Hansen family. You don't judge people. You clearly just see them as instantly awesome. And I always brag to everyone about your sports knowledge. I like how you are always crackin jokes, and causing everyone to have a good time, whether they want to or not.
Echo-You have always been my baby sister, then Faith came..but you, you I held and rocked and changed your diapers. You were feisty, but we loved that about you. I remember one time Tosh was taking me to get cheer outfits, you wanted to come, mom wouldnt let you and you threw the biggest fit. Screaming and making threats. Feisty or not, you are so smart and read a ton. I love that you want to be a pediatrican. I know you will get there. And, you are skinny and beautiful. I wish I was 15 again, so live it up :)
Ethan-Oh gosh, I loved you when you were a baby. I held you all the time. Got up with you in the night. But right now, I guess I love you because of how well you work, how well you get along with others, how hard you work, how you have never treated me badly, and I always feel like you respect me. Gosh I love you.
Chandler-I remember how animated you were when you were a toddler. Always making dinosaur noises and actions. I loved your bull legs. You and Ethan would play outside for hours in your diapers. I grew to love you so much while you were growing up. Now I love you for your clumsiness, your humor, your willingness to laugh.
Ammon-Wow, you were my little baby. I held you all the time. I fell with you one time on the ice and I smacked my back hard. But you didn't even wake up because I was so scared you were going to get hurt that I didn't even break my fall, I just held you up. You are so precious to me. I know you are trapped inside this autistic brain, but you are so smart, and I love it when you smile and kiss me.
Ian-I love how smart you are. I love your desire to learn and create. I love how you dress up. I love how you play with Lad. I love how you talk so advanced. I love how you always can talk to me. I love you!
Lad-I love how much you love Brad. I really like how you can tell the longest, full of detail stories. I love how you feel like you have to be modest and change in the bathroom even though you are only five. I love how you play the Wii. Makes me laugh how grown up you act.
Faith- You are a doll. Full of life, and energy, sometimes you just run around the room and laugh and sing. You fell asleep next to Brad and I's bed, cuz you wanted to play with us but we are old and too tired. You say, "Come on lemme show you sumfing" You giggle so cute. You are such a tease. Your attitude makes me laugh. I love you.

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Tosha said...

That was so sweet it made me cry. You are the best Brit, super duper talented, a great teacher, fabulous with children and would do anything for anyone, you have helped me so much! Also gorgeous and have a great husband/soulmate. I love you!