Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wellp we did have the entire family for Christmas, which reminded me of the talent show song Brad, Aaron and I sang, with wigs. There was our final line in the song that was very true. But you will have to wait for the specialty of that to come around.

For now, watch Ian my good man open his presents.

Let me tell you about a small folded notebook paper I saw on the table next to the couches, where we normally store santa's cookies. Ian is very big into Santa, and even at one point he asked me why Hannah was getting the red bags out. I told him Santa emailed her and asked that she prepare it a little so he wouldn't have to do so much work.

He thought that answer was sufficient.

But the notebook paper I found folded said this.

I have been angry these past months. I will be sleeping by the stockings, so I hope you put in some star wars legos. Love, Ian. P.S. Do you still use Rudolph?

And can you understand this?

Then he wrote in the Star Wars symbols he memorized and now writes in. He memorized all of the alphabet and now can write in his own little Star Wars language.

I say he major in linguistics.

Or humor, because his letter made me laugh so hard.

Later in the night I read his letter again.

He had crossed out 'I will be sleeping by the stockings.' Possibly because someone told him he couldn't.

Oh Ian, you make days like Christmas beautiful.

Happy New Year's Eve.

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Natalie Jane said...

hahah so funny.
That's so cute that your family uses little red bags with everyone's names on them. I love that.