Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I realized that I am a very practical person.

I don't wear heels in snow.

I don't wear excessive jewelry.

I don't wear too much hair wear.

I don't cook extravegently but for special occasions.

I love tshirts and sweats.

I am average at most sports....except raquetball, Im terrible and very jumpy.

I am going to be a teacher, if that's not practical nothing is.

I ate eggs for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and ice cream for dinner.

Thats super practical.

I have studied a total 8 hours for this history exam.

I said to Brad as he walked in, "IM SICK OF NATIONALISM"

Really, then I heard noise outside and in my mind I imagined Ghandi's followers pushing for peace and their own independence in India. I was sure they were rebels of Africa. I was sure they were Germans looking for Jews.

Then I realized...I'm too involved with this history exam. I just need to take a chill pill.

Also, the other night I got...mad? Frustrated ... I'm not sure what, at Brad.

For not helping me around the house enough.

I told him I didn't want to always have to 'tell him' what to do.

I made him feel bad so in the end I apologized and said nevermind.

Im such a pushover.

But then while I finished the dishes, he disappeared and he had made the bed.

He is so nice. That's love.

He heard me. And really we are just so busy that its nice to not be going going going going when we get home, and we don't really feel like cleaning.

But we already live in a dump, at least it can be a clean dump. Oxymoron.

Then the next day he said, "Brit I'm taking out the garbage without you asking."

He heard me.

Then today he said, "Oh look I picked this up without you asking."

Then I handed him a kit kat.

Jk, he doesn't need material reinforcement, he just needs me to notice that he is trying.

I told him that I know when he lived with guys they could let it go for months.

I told him we aren't doing that.

He heard me :)

So it was a discussion that has turned into this joke sorta, which I like about him, he doesn't hold grudges or complain.

"Look Brit, I did this without asking."

Back to practical.

Dishes have piled up, Christmas gifts need to be mailed, cards need to be made, and 4 finals still press my mind.

Ps half my thank you cards got mailed back to me.

Puke in my face.

Sorry Im six months out.

I posted them here, just in case you are deprived and needed proof that I was doing it.

But I had over 200 to send out.

Cut me some excuses, punch me in the gut for being a procrastinator.

But thats just another reason I'm practical.

They are postcards....:)

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