Friday, December 11, 2009

Desperate Housewife.

How can I keep up with it?

At times I feel like my clean laundry sits for a week....or more.

At times I feel like I only do something because it HAS to be done.

Dishes, laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, showering...

It is ridiculous.

I know how good it feels to do things before they have to be done.

Like turning in assignments a week early.

Or starting on your final project a week before its due, because you have 6 other finals to worry about...just puke that one out too...right?

Life is too short to do things right away.

I stopped working at the helicopter school...

Kinda sad...

Two years...

Lots of new friends I met there..

But if you are interested in going to helicopter school its a phenomonel school. There website is

And I actually set up their google you can find them on google too.

I'm sad to leave..but as I was scanning in documents today I realized...this isn't what I love to do.

I love to teach.

I don't love the scanner sucking in papers and me having to unsuck them when the sucker gets jammed.

I don't love not having children to talk to and help cut out their turkey for Thanksgiving.

I don't love not having Mrs. Cwark be uttered 2 billion times a day.

I don't love not having to tell them to stop sliding on the ice.

I don't love it.

I liked it, for the people...

But I love teaching for the line of work, and for the children.

I should make a list should be a teacher if....quotes

You should be a teacher..

If you love gluing.

If you get excited about grading things.

If you love copying off 30 clean color pages, and then passing them out.

If you love calling on people.

If you love standing up in front of small children to share information with them.

If you love making children laugh.

If you love stapling, paper clipping, and being organized in a planner sorta way.

If you love thinking about things that you could do with a book.

If you love it when the light goes on in little people's minds.

Little people as in ... children...not midgets.

If you do not fit into everyone of those categories....then you are out. You can't be a teacher.


You could, but those things are such a fundamental part of teaching.

As I think about teaching, I think what got me here.

What got me a semester away from being a full blown teacher?

What got me to take that praxis and pass it :)

And score the highest in math.

What got me there?

I believe it was these guys.

I spent countless hours teaching sally, shad gave up quickly, but sometimes I would coheres Landon and Echo to be involved too...

We would come home from school and I would teach them for hours more. I would make Sally do what I was doing in my homework. My mom bought me play school. I had a whiteboard. I had all the equiptment. I planned and copied and stapled homework days before. I usually only had one diligent student.

The bunny pictured above.

Or Sally.

Maybe that is why she is on 25 scholarships, and scored double my score on the ACT.

Maybe...but I won't take credit.

I loved teaching when I was 5 its in my blood.


Doesn't mean its naturally easy..

Its still a lot of work.

At times I will get the feeling like I am losing management of the class, I get panicky inside...and think, they aren't listening, they hate me, they are bored, they can't hear me....and my heart beats faster and I begin to perspire and worry inside.

Then I try some management tool and it doesnt work...

So I begin to lose consciousness and I begin to tear up..

Then I try another one and it works!

So...I learn...

and I grow.


I know teaching is a great career, but I know I want to do more.

I want to publish studies, I want to teach people how to be teachers.

I'm afraid I can only do that if I go to grad school.

And that may come..

But for now I will let life take me where it wants...

And that is teaching little ones.

Maybe I will teach for awhile, then have a family and not teach...

Then I will go to grad school, or maybe I will go to grad school while Brad is in Med school.

Life will be bliss whatever I do.

Cuz I am with...

Mr. Clark

So...I could be a desperate housewife forever..

Except I wouldn't be desperate...

Actually I would.

Desperate for him.

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Natalie Jane said...

awww desperate housewife. i love that show.
and i love that you love being a teacher.