Sunday, December 6, 2009

Slipping Away.

The other day I was thinking to my newlywed times are slipping away.

We already passed our first Halloween and Thanksgiving together..

Now we are about to pass our first Christmas together.

And today I bore my testimony for the first time in front of Brad.

Weird that I have known him for over a year and I just got to this point.

Of course he has heard it before through my example and words.

And the fact that I always tell him what we are going to be like with our kids.

And how if they want to stay home from school I'll make sure I know what they are learning so I can teach them there when they fake sick like he did half his childhood.

Then they can choose me...or their teacher to teach them. And trust me, they will want their teacher after 5 minutes with me.

I just think I should write a more detailed my kids will know exactly what I went through in these first few months.

But it seems like the last thing I wanna do when I'm so happy with Brad is sit down and write about what made me so happy, or you can insert the word mad in there too if you want.

This morning he said something to me like this, "I can't wait to have kids with the woman I love. When we have kids I'm going to call you 'sexy mama'.

I said, "You already call me that."

He said, "I know."

Oh great, our kids will think sexy is beautiful or something. Then when they are five they are going to call the other kid they have a crush on a sexy daddy, or a sexy mama.

Now, some people would think that the statement about Brad saying he can't wait to have kids with the woman he loves is romantic, but also boring. But whats great is when he says things like that, I know he means them. Because he doesn't overdo the lovey dovey stuff.

He gives me just the right dosage of that kinda prescription drug.

Isn't that cute?

Well now that all of you have already clicked off my blog because of this soapy lovey dovey blog post.

Time goes so fast...and someone said to me that love isn't enough to get you through life.

But I think it is.

But it depends on your personal definition of love.

If you think love is kissing and texting and sharing happy moments together, then maybe it won't be enough.

But if you think love is getting off work to be with each other, or sacrificing your feelings to make the one you 'love' happier, or giving up your time, to do something to help them, or supporting them in their decisions, instead of controlling them or if you think love is staying together no matter what trials arise, no matter how much money you don't have, or if you think love is choosing your spouse over your family no matter what, or if you think its working every problem out instead of being stubborn and holding on to the problem and making it bigger than it is, or if you think it is lifting up that spouse no matter the time of day, night, or hour, or if you think love is sacrificing your time frame for them, to make them happier, or if you think it is giving up your dreams and hopes in order to be with them because that has become your new hope and be with them...

Then you should be okay.

you should be able to make it on love alone.

Because with that kind of love.....somehow together you seem to make it without any money, you seem to make it when you are terribly stressed and full of things to complete.

Some say soul mate...

I just call him mine.

Because I know.....he was meant to be mine.

And I would have never been happier had I not said yes.

Because I realized I still sit waiting for him to get home impatiently and I get butterflies when I see him and hug him. He still makes me so happy...still. Its been almost 6 months...should it still be there? Well it is.

I asked him yesterday, "Should I still be this excited to go on a date with you?"

He said, "I will always be this excited."

He said, "I will always get butterflies when you walk in the room."

So I guess I wrote this post to help me remember how it was six months after being married.

I guess I wrote it because I was overwhelmed by him.

Love from him.


Melissa said...

Brittany - I hardly ever comment because..well..I just don't. But I love your blog and I love this last post you did. As I get older I worry that I am too "set in my ways" to get married and maybe it would just be easier to stay single...thanks for reminding me it is worth it to get married and easier doesn't always mean better :)

Karenin Jaar Robison said...

aww!! i still feel butterflies when my honey grabs my face when he kisses me, or when he puts my hair behind my ear, or when he hugs me unexpectedly in public, or when i open my eyes and i realize he was watching me while i slept.
it only gets better with time!

Raquel said...

Love is grand!

Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

i almost cried! i feel like this too :) yay for love! and i love your michael jackson jacket- i want one

Natalie Jane said...

you are so adorable. i almost cried too. hahaha. me and jessica are the same. and i love that you and i just talked about love today (today being days after you wrote this post because i didnt read your blog in a while...) but still...
i love that you're in love. and i love love. and i love you and brad together. and i love dating kelly. haha. can i say that on a blog comment? yes. my lovey dovey posts on my blog are as follows: "Mine and Kelly's favorite pinball machines are right next to each other."
you're adorable.