Monday, December 14, 2009

I told you...

I know I told you I did some things...

But I forgot to give proof.

Ps Today I took two finals and wrote a final paper. Well I havent started the paper yet, but I am hoping to momentarily. Its only 6 pm on the first day of finals and I have 2 out of 7 finals DONE, and one paper about to get hustled.

First off..lets start with this..

Any guesses?

What you have no idea?

Well I will hint you up.

It's made out of candy.

No it is not the inside of a platypus's body.

Okay, another hint.

It's made out of starbursts.

Lots and oodles of them.

Oh you got it. It is a plant cell.

Sally and Echo made it for a project.

Well it was Echo's project.

And her partners bought the starbursts, and she made it.

I would say her partners got the better end of the deal.

It seems as if it was a lot of work. And, that would be yummy to eat afterwards...just wrap them in little wrappers tootsie roll style when you are done. Although you will have to consider the hand massaging they have gone through.... But that would be your lifetime supply of starbursts.

I told you we saw the Bar J Wranglers. I told you. I was afraid to stand by Brad, cuz I would cover up the Bar J. So I just hugged the Bar J.
They held this pose for me, so we could never forget it...never ever....he yodeled so good.
This is the jersey I have previously discussed. The jersey that Brad found out about, and asked for before Christmas. The little stink.
This is what I wore to Sally's birthday celebration. Landon is trying to grap the tie on this picture...sorry if it disturbs you. Ps, Brad dislikes my cowboy boots, but Im at the point where i Just dont care. Thats a great point to be at. He says he doesnt mind them when I cover them with my pants, but in this case I didnt want to get the bottoms of my pjs wet with snow....duh Brad. Deal with it.

So...aside from all of that wonderful info....

5 finals left and this monster paper.

Kiss me on the head and wish me luck.


Karissa and Scott said...

*kiss on the head* good luck! you can do it!

And I can empathize with you about desperate housewife troubles.

Can you explain to me how to use technology? I simply am incapable of uploading pictures on my blog in a neat, orderly way. I have literally spent the past 2 hours trying. I finally gave up and have some mashed up version of the idea in my mind.

And I miss you.

And I graduated.

Yes, I did survive student teaching. (and I actually LOVED it!)

Crystal said...


Raquel said...

Consider yourself kissed and hugged! Being the kissin Aunt this request is perfect for me!