Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disaster Face.

Brad is a disaster face right now.

He guesses everything I am going to get him for Christmas!!!

Im just about out!!!

Nothing I get him will be a surprise.

Except one thing.

And if he guesses it...Im doomed.

First he guessed the Real Salt Lake jersey.

Now he wears it all the time.

Next we were in costco and he threw in the kb socks that we all love so much.

I threw them out.

He said, "What are you doin?"

I said, "That's your Christmas present you stink disaster face".

He laughed.

He thought it was hilarious.
Then we were walking through the place where they have the little counters of clothes.
He found a jacket, white, element.

Great I thought, how can I pretend Im not getting him a jacket?

Then he tried it on and asked for it.

I said, oh perfect there goes another gift except I was getting you a gray one.

He put it back and said, "Just get me white okay? Please? Thank you!"


I never knew how hard it would be to hide presents once you were married.

Well most married people wouldn't have a problem with it, because their kitchen isn't their living room, guest room, and family room.

And their bedroom isn't their office, closet, bathroom, and entertainment center.

Entertainment center because we watch movies on our laptops.

Not...anything else. Gosh what were you thinkin?

So, I guess what Im getting at, is ..if, our apartment was bigger, it would be better.

I could hide stuff from him.

I have no clue what he is getting me.

I just keep my ears, eyes, and curiousness to myself.

Sometimes when I'm mad at him, I just file through his baby pictures.

I think of how cute he was as a young kid, then I try to imagine our children combined.

I get really happy.

And I love him again.

Not that I didn't love him before. I just....
Well..there you go. I just look at this and melt.

He isn't a disaster face at all.

He is the cutest human being ever born.

Last night we were watching Julie and Julia or something.

Mah kinda movie. So so movie.

I liked it kinda sometimes, but didn't like the ending.

Anyway, it was her 30th birthday, and I said to Brad, "I can't wait till I turn 30."

And he said, "Why because we will have money?"
Then I got all excited about that too, and kissed him on the face.

"Oh ya I forgot we will have money someday!, but no because we will have kids!!"-Me


But as Christmas is nearing...

I can only think about one thing...





And warm things......things like days. Warm days.

Oh mahahahahahaha!!
I remember why I started writing this post! It was to tell you I got my student teaching placement that will begin first thing in January!!

Hobble Creek Elementary!


I can't hear Mrs. Cwark again.

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Natalie Jane said...

You are so adorable! You are going to be the most adorable student teacher kindergarten teacher ever in the history of teaching. Really. I think that is the most perfect place for you to be. I can't imagine you any place else. Kids love you. I love you. Brad loves you. Santa loves you. :)
I love you because you listen to me go on and on an on about kelly. hahhaha