Monday, August 11, 2008

Day thirteen! Meet Hannah.

if you hate this picture hannah. dont tell me. cuz then ill feel like something is wrong with me because i think it is cute.
i was sweaty, hannah was happy. Molly was fearing for her life as a ball was rolling towards her. Great combo for a picture at this place which i seriously just forgot the name. OH! JUmp on it! DUh.
when looking at this picture I almost forget that this post is about hannah. I want to talk about how good I did in getting this moment. But I wont. Ill talk about how beautiful Hannah is, and how adorable her baby is. And I will tell you what an awesome mama she is. Sacrifices all over the place. (that sounded kinda....gorey. Its not)
When I see this picture I want to show you the video of the fireworks at stadium of fire. Or how hannah almost paid 20 dollars for a glowing cup with stadium of fire on it for Maddie. Then I talked her out of it. THank goodness or she would be out 20 bucks and have a cup that didnt blink lights anymore. (due to the battery dying..or something worse)

Hannah. Hannah bo bannah..fee fie fo fannah. Hannah. Her name is perfect for that song. Brief on Hannah: she hates mice. Really bad. Her name spelled backwards is hannaH. She has two beautiful little girls. Maddie. And Molly.
Maddie. She was wearing an extreme shirt. Due to her dad's extreme's sports.
Smile Molly, because you are sitting on a 200 year old couch made outta horse hair.

Hannah is married to a very extreme man. Jeremy, whom we like to call J. they are married, and this is a stolen picture. but you were never going to see the wherd side of them had I not stolen it.
Although this picture portrays him as everything BUT extreme. He is. Her husband is extreme because he wakeboards and does flips and jumps and stuff, and he snowboards (i have seen the snowboarding skills, I can do same things on skis. Lie.) OKay so J is the nicest man alive. Stories to follow. J is at dental school about to start? has started? his very last year there. Where? In owings mills, MD. And if you want to see the full extent of their lives.Visit their MMHJMB (molly, maddie, hannah, jeremy maryland blog) not to be confused with is somebody completely different. but interesting. So they live in MD. And I visited them. And I just want to tell a few stories about my visits.
Number one visit: Hannah only had one child. It was back in 2006. Maddie stayed with J. Hannah and I got on the Metro. We are (still) young and beautiful so of course we were hit on. Hit on..meaning: opposite sex (nowadays it could be same sex and it would be normal, not good but I guess my def. of 'hit on' is a bit inaccurate) pressing interest towards the certain someone (s) in order to get gain. (gain meaning...maybe a kiss, or a hug, or heck a hang out all day) So we went on the metro. A man with gold teeth. A black man. A very scary man. Whom we could not even understand due to his MD lingo. He was 'hitting' on us. He asked if we were single. Hannah informed him that she was married. He informed us that that did not bother him. As he had been with many 'married' women. I informed him I was 'taken' as I quickly slipped my CTR ring on my married finger. Like he even knew what CTR or MARRIAGE even was. He asked us if he could 'chill' with us for the day. Ummm...."oh sure come on along" NO! what were we going to do. Hannah and I kept scooting closer together as if that would offer protection. Then luckily and an answer to our fleeting prayers (fleeting because we were TRYING to avoid convo with him and more so have a convo with God to just help us) the other bros and homies on the bus told him to leave us alone. He wouldnt really. So they kept saying, dude (I dont believe that was one of their words but its the only one I can think of) leave them alone. Stop talking to them. WElp he got off at the next stop. Wheph I didnt want to spend my day with him with the gold teeth. He was random.

So story two:Hannah's meals. This one goes both ways. FIrst visit and second visit. She just makes the best freakin food in the world. And we had a tea party for the little girls which I dont know if you even want to compete with hannah's cuteness. .

Hannah planned this, decorated this and created so many happy children due to her loveliness.
So story three: The fox. Jogging. We were jogging on this trail in a park in Maryland May 2008. Oh I said, look a fox. Hannah freaked. Ha...well this is what I mean by freak. "lets turn around. Scary, what if it has rabies. What if it jumps on the stroller and eats Maddie. What if it jumps on my leg bites me and gives me rabies" As I was picturing all these things. I was picturing me just standing there watching. NO I was picturing me jumping in front of the rabid fox and saving Hannahs leg. Meanwhile as I was rolling with this 2 foot fox...No... I wasnt picturing this. Harmless fox. Very cautious mother. Its okay. Emily was with us too. She was .. probably scared too. We turned around. WE did the trail again. Short version. Oh goodness.
Story four: this trip is where I lost my camera. What does that have to do with she felt really bad for me and I was kinda mean to her on the phone. Sorry Hannah. No excuse to be mean to you.

Okay so those were some sum (same word, different meaning, different spelling, fun to say simultaneously) up stories of my visits. But Hannah is so much more than those stories in which I just told you. She is scared of mouses, mice and rodents. One occurance that is very vivid in my mind (i always say that..i need to come up with something new) is when we were in the old kitchen. Which is now transformed into a locker room with a sink. But our house transformations is not on subject here. So Hannah..saw a mouse. began to scream then leaped/jumped/did an amazing feat and landed on the kitchen table..which rocked due to her weight (not that she was over-weight) and it rocked and I stood there not sure if I was scared or not. But eventually I think hannah's fear osmosised over into me. So now IM scared of them. Great. But IM not scared like hyperfreak out scared, need to call 911 scared. Im just scared.

So Hannah is OCD about organization. Everytime she comes home she just cleans and organizes..such random things. The drawer under my mom's phone and microwave. Which drives her mad because its just my mom's throw in drawer, which everyone needs, but apparently in hannah's house everything has a place. Not apparently. It does.

Hannah loves to sew. SO much that she sews bags. Sews and sews them. And they are lovely. I own a black one. My friend owns a custom made huge one. Which she loves. And hannah can cook, sew bags, and organize. Who needs Martha Stewart when they have hannah? (Sidenote: Martha and hannah have a lot in common, except the jailtime.)

I DO have more personal stories. But without the written consent of Hannah I forbid to post them. Why? Well She lives in maryland and it would be way too much work to get her to mail/fax me the consent. And..they involve things that are personal for me as well. But if you want to read a very interesting pee story. scroll down to where you see brittany. I really didnt want to post it on my blog. just for the hope less people would read it. P. With or without ME.

Let me tell you about Hannah's personality. Now remember this is my do NOT try to correct what I perceive my lovely sister as.! (the period then the ! means I put a little umph after my sentence. But didnt want to make it a yelling sentence.) Hannah will also accommodate her needs and schedule to make you a happier person. Hence clean all night for mom before activities and let her kids be watched by random siblings in order to help mom. Another quality I love about her is her desire to do what is right. If something is not right. It will not go past hannah. She will make it right, choose the right, or inform the person that it is not right.

I think Maryland has helped her see the world and help her make her decisions about what is right and wrong. I know she will raise her family in an environment that is good and choose the rightey (sorry but thats what came to my mind. so i typed it) no matter what her location. SHe is outspoken and will not associate herself with ANY bad. Which is very respectable. Speaking of family. Look below to see them for yourself.

This is another stolen pic. I do not frequently steal. Except over the internet. Its easy to steal. And not bad.

One other thing Maryland has done to my sister is make her appreciate her home. Her family. Her parents. Her husbands parents. Utah. Standrod. Farms. No traffic. No stop signs. No traffic lights. No creeepy people (three e's to show you how creepy people can be) No malls/stores to spend your money at. No play groups, so you make your own fun with what you have. No TV. Mormons. The gospel. Me. Duh I was going to say me...this is my post and my blog so I can say whatever I want. (OH that brings up another topic. Hannah is sassy.) (oh my i just remembered a story. Ill share it in a few sentences) So hannah loves her brothers and sisters and cares a LOT about them. In fact she just called me and was worried about me going to Peru. Ligit worry. (spelling...who cares) I love her concern for me. And she is always praying for somebody, she is always thinking about others needs before her own. She is my sister.

Story. Setting: Boise Idaho. Why there?: Hannah's senior bball year. They made it to state. Stuff: I really DISLIKE..cuz i dont say hate (thanks dad) starting a story with 'so' but I do it everytime..then delete it. And I bet there are probably ten or MORE 'so's' in this freakin post. I do LOVE saying freakin. And I dont like 'anyway' either. I gotta expand my vocabulary. Gosh. So ..oh my heck i did that without even thinking. TO BEGIN my story. THere. To begin my story of hannah at state bball. I believe it was the game for 3rd place. It was being played. There was very very very little to none time left (obviously there was some time left so scratch none). I was in charge of video-taping this game. (I just had a guilty feeling in my stomach. no joke) I was plugged in under our basket. Videoing. This is in my head so clear. The pictures. What happened. The feelings of anger towards me after this occurance. I was taping. Hannah had fouled out. I believe (This is my I didnt really do you are (scratch so) getting the story from my very head). There was seconds left. Other teams ball. We were down by one. Other team were dribbling slowly down to their basket. Pointgaurd passed ball to teammate (other team) Trisha (our team) stole the ball and PAUSE this is where I got really excited about what just happened. Trish stealing the ball, and I actually jumped with excite in my body, and in the process of jumping I DROPPED the camera and threw my arms up in the air for joy. UNPAUSE she stole the ball and made a layin (which is a basket. which means two points. Which means we were ahead by one point now) Now the buzzer went off. This means we won!! Hannah watched the game to evaluate it (maybe she has a bit of dad in her in the overanalyzing games..see post below) she noticed that I had missed the MOST important part of the game. The layin. Oh shoot. She was mad at me. I dont remember the words that were spoken, but I do remember her face of disgust with me. I doo remember crying about it and being very sorry. I completely ruined her senior bball year. (As if getting third place at state could affect her anger..i wish it could have) Well she probably doesnt even CARE now. And I only remember that story because I messed up and learned to not EVER make that mistake again. But..Hannah dont feel bad you were young and didnt realize that I didnt miss the most important parts. That shot won the game..but what about all the other shots that I didnt miss!! I hope that story wasnt more about me than her. And I hope that she doesnt feel bad when reading this thinking I still have this anger towards her for this. I just wanted everyone to know..she won third..hahaha. NO im serious. No im not.

Hannah doesnt know this, but whenever I need advice I usually just think of a reason that seems reasonable to call her like...whats your address? for the millionth time. But really..Im calling to get advice or just talk to her. I could talk to her for days and hours and why? Because she TRULY cares and gives her opinion and doesnt give the general answers. (not that my other sisters do, but I feel like she is always on my side with everything) Mainly I make sure when she is here we have lots of talk time. I love spending time with her and her family. She honestly stresses way too much about the good-well being of me and my siblings, while she has enough on her plate. I cannot imagine how I would get through without her chest (I would say shoulder, but I dont think i have ever cried on her shoulder) to cry on. She is so sincerly in love with all of her siblings and would give and do anything to and for them. Hannah is my sister. Sassy? Yah probably. But it gets her around, and she is a good mama. So let her be sassy, its who she is. (Sassy is not bad ps. I like it when people call me sassy. It means you stand up for what you believe and you have a spunk about you. NOt like the madonna sassy.) OH and I said 'so' up there. Scratch that.


The Skinners said...


I absolutley loved it. Thank you so much for doing this. You are amazing in everything you do. I want to print it all out. I love you. Thanks again so much! It really made my day especailly after what happened to us today.

love hannah

Burnhams said...

Brittany. This is such a cute idea to do this for all of your siblings! Your blog is really fun to read. And, yes, I was totally scared by the fox and still look for it every time we run there.