Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day eleven. Meet Summer.

doesnt she just look creative??? oh man she is.
so for awhile summer, echo and i had this disease, called...take tons of pics together.
state basketball. summer obviously is so beautiful.

Sum bum. Summer Sariah. Sum. The sum of summer is fantastic. Oh gosh!! Summer its your turn!! Are you excited!! ahhhhhh!!! what am I going to say???? i have no idea yet. I never even think about it. I just write. Yesterday I was told by Brooke that it 'took forever' to get my post up. (2pm) So here I am at 8ish AM posting. For all those die hards. Brooke's asleep..PS.. anyway. Summer. well she has a blog which you know Im posting. sumbums blog Yep. Read her post about farming. I thought it humorous. (and summer, never ever compare yourself to me and my posting capabilities)

So some very important key things about summer that you need to know:
She is more creative than you. Ha no but really. She is extremely creative. If any of you ever saw anything I have made. times that by a trillion in quality and..summer made it.
This is a pile of pop obviously. That word is pop. As in soda pop. Duh. So AJ(her hubby) loves mDew and other stuff..and golf. More than he loves summer. JK. Joke aj. She made this for him..anniversary.

Another bullet point about sum. She cant say no. HA! So basically if her life is complete havic and chaos (ps havic is not really a word and im too lazy to check on right now) then she will STILL say YES to that person who needs something done!! A lady asked her to draw the mormon trail for primary and this was the outcome. What the? And if you want to hear how she spent FIVE hours on this. You can. On her blog.

So she is creative (which you havent even seen her real creativity at ALL!) and really nice and will DO anything for anyone! So let me give you some life history on summer. She was a senior when I was a freshman. Stories to come. She then went to SVU southern Virginia University. Which is basically a really drastic version of BYU, rules more strict and such. She told me she had her hair braided with like extentions, which she probably did herself. Shpill on her for a second: she can braid corn rows anything you want..sideways..also she can put extensions in. She did blue ones for my state track one year. Just pieces not my whole head that would have KILLEd. Too heavy. So back to SVU. She braided her hair. They told her she had to take it out. Too radical. Put your bonnet back on they told her. Seriously. She played basketball there. Which I heard she loved...right summer? HA. talk to her about that experience. No..she met a lot of great people and has made many friends from it. My home teacher actually here in provo told me he went there, and i was like..oh my sister went there. He knew her. I talked to summer about him. She said, "oh he dated the pointgaurd on my bball team, she was a *bad word*. No summer didnt say a swear, she just called her a name i think..and i REFUSE to put words like retard, jerkface, idiot, on my blog. I wont. I refuse. So. Summer SVU. She also did track there. Hepathlete or something strange like that. Okay so you want a story?
Story:so i keep thinking back to when we were in highschool and the memory that keeps coming to my mind is how summer and I got in a car accident. And I really DiDnt want to tell that story, because I feel like everyone has heard it. Heard how we bonded and I cried. but maybe if I get that one outta me, more will come. Ohp, one just came. OKay so wreck first. lets start with landon, and how he sorta blamed himself. he wanted to drive Tosha's Yukon which is a purple tint because she was in college and it was cool I guess. He wanted to drive it to school that day. Summer and I stayed after the game or something my memory fails me (i feel like thats what old people say in books) and then my family all left in our van (15passenger) after the game. Summer and I stayed to the dance. So we got in the car. summer used her blocky nokia phone that had snake the game on it. which im pretty sure i held the high score.35 minute drives to school provided that opportunity for me. She called my parents (requirement) and said, we are on our way home. So i put my seatbelt on and slouched in my seat attempting to fall asleep. We arrived at the place called the GEOthermal. which has alligator pits. no allies though. We hit some washboards. Summer hit her brakes. I hit the dash with my hands. Summer and I began to fishtail what I like to call violently. I was getting thrown against the door then towards Summer again it was so violent. Then it happened. Summer swore a couple times. I clearly remember her saying, DAD IS GOING TO KILL ME. Then the real fun began. We spun around and going backwards we slid on the drivers side like car tipped on its side. Windows broke. And it was sorta slow mo. I remember thinking..oh summer doesnt have her seatbelt on. As if that thought can exist in full range while we crashed in a 5 second time period. AS i thought this I had this very STRONG urge for her to be near me. So I reached over and grabbed her arm. I dont remember seeing anything. I just remember feeling her arm clenched in my hands and feeling better. She told me afterwards that she was going out. then my hands came. I wanna see a replay to see if I really did keep her from suffering greater injuries though. Then we landed standing up. Glass was everywhere. I couldnt feel any pain at all. Summer said, "we gotta get outta the car." Fearing it would blow. I know thats what she was thinking, because thats exactly what I was thinking. You know like the movies. Remember this is in December. I brought no coat. I dont remember what shoes I was wearing but they probably werent that good. I hAVE NO idea what I was wearing but I remember what she was wearing exactly. Because...I remember looking at it in the laundry room in the process of trying to get blood out. Oh shoot I gave it away..that summer was injured. So she said, "brit I cant open my door." Due to being smashed. We climbed out my door. We looked around found a blanket that had been thrown out. I wasnt cold. (shock) I still see all the glass and purple pieces of the car and ALL the contents of the car scattered across the small skiff of snow and yellow grass and gravel. Oh great this story is making this post last forever. If you have made it this far, you are probably only Brooke, Mom or summer herself. So lets finish this. As I remember. We had no cell service. We had to walk somewhere. Or in our Summer was bleeding. I dont know who noticed it first. But it was on her back and her pants and shirt were soaked. 20x pants. Gap shirt 3/4 sleeves with flowers. She had me look at it. She said, "how bad is it" I saw lots of hamburger skin and rocks. and glass. I said, oh ...its not that bad. gross. Then we ran. We ran till we had bars. Service bars. SUmmer called home. I was bawling. Sobbing. Summer was hugging me. She wasnt bawling. Then mom answered. Summer didnt even want to go there. "can i talk to dad," she said calmly. Dad answered and said, "is anybody hurt" (obviously he knew something was wrong he told me about 2 months ago, why else would we call again 20 minutes later) Summer said, no, but brit wont stop crying. (thanks summer) Dad gave us instructions. Then we ran back (seriously running holding on to each other in the cold on these dirt roads at one in the morn) We started cleaning up. it was tanners farewell the next day so they brought two cars to get us. the details dont matter. But you better believe dad and the brothers and bro in laws had to evaluate what happened completely from our tracks and such. i remember tanners farewell. I was in shock. I sat on the stage and watched all the people im alive. Okay. So that story was long I know and Im sorry.
Story 2: (you are probably scared this is going to be long..dont be) Summer and track practice. She would just wear those spandex tights. which was fine. I wore them too. but I wore shorts over them to hide the curves and sweat and creases in the butt and front region. Summer didnt wear shorts. She just wore the silky tights. So this is a story to demonstrate how summer just doesnt care. She had long lean sexy legs that I never had, so flaunt it right? maybe thats why she kissed a boy, then I kissed him too. then my best friend kissed him. (small town, small school, not many options)

Summer is so talented. I cant let that escape my head. She is super athletic. She used to make amazing beaded flowers that would go on your bracelets of beads or something. She had huge kits. She can draw anything. She can oil paint anything. She applied to BYU's art program. Then had to leave..due to marriage. She now lives in Oakley Idaho while her husband who just graduated in ag business is being a farmer. And summer now coaches volleyball for Oakley girls. Whom are Raft river (my school) 's rivals. first game. Sally my sister (see below) against Summer (rival coach) who is also my sister. You know Ill be there. Are you coming? you should. Summer also used to do something when she was little. (BEFORE I EXISTED i just have heard about it) she used to pass out. My mom took the little stink to the doc. they didnt know. So my mom figured out that summer would get mad and hold her breath. Okay summer you could have been genius had you not killed all those brain cells.
I thought of another story. Oh goody you are thinking. Dont worry its short.
we used to stack hay. As I mentioned in Lando's post. HA!! Summer came one day, or a couple days, im not sure. but she took Sallys semi, due to sally having a bday. Nope that was me that had to stack hay on my birthday. Dont worry im not bitter It just makes a really good pity party. Anyway. summer had to go through a fence. So fence post here..........then another one here to get into the field. Fence post here....gone after sum went through. Meaning she took it out with her semi trailer. which was nice for me. As I followed. Because I didnt have to worry about taking it out and also because she made more space. (thanks summer)
So if you (you being a sibling, or someone who knows her) feel like I have missed a story or a moment, or a need to write it. Even sum herself. Please add your side of the story. As with each sibling I could go on FOREVER. I could write a book about each one. Not kidding. So what I am trying to say is I really dont want to end with this post about Summer. I really dont. But I have to. So farewell. And just a n ironic piece of info. . . . you know that yukon of toshas we wrecked? we fixed it..and now summer owns it. funny. ha. laugh summer. you know you wannu.
oh do you see where it says I posted at like 4 pm..ya..thats because I had to run an errand and I got back here around two. now its four because my computer is being so slow...I read my book in between uploading pictures. And Im starved. And Im tired. and im done complaining. hope this post was all you ever dreamed of summer. Sorry it took me all freakin day. freak face. Im sorry. I love you like I posted it at 8am. Just pretend I did.

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