Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meet the siblings. Day five. Meet Chandler.

Chandler Charles. oh CHandler the mandler. thats what I call him. I want to stop capitalizing things. its getting old. so i will for awhile. but..chandler. okay. so he was born bow legged. now lets get one thing straight..i am not calling anybody to find out info about my siblings i really just want to give you my first off the top of my head info about them. So you get the real deal of who they really appear to be to me. not like a script get to know you you do at ward prayer. (Im the ward prayer i would know the script because i write it for spotlighting people, and i know how to spotlight a person.) anyway.. this is about chandler not me. so chandler bowlegged and cute. cute as can be. he has that blonde hair and blue eyes that only a few of my siblings were born with. i remember he used to run legs looking like they are around a invisible barrel through the loose dirt outside and create quite the tornado of dust. He and Ethan would always get the same presents for birthdays. how did that work. well my mom got sick of them fighting over toys (they were a year apart) so she just started buying all of Ethans presents for chandler too..ethan got a new remote control truck for his birthday, so did chandler. lucky duckies..two birthdays a year. nice. so that calmed down the not sure if they have gained their individualism yet...maybe i should sit down and practice my counseling skills with them to check up on their feelings. nah i probably wont. Chandler...k man i lose focus pretty quick. K so Chandler was on ameRiCAS funnIESt Home videos!! Thats right!! he was!! What for you ask? well he stuck a sword down his diaper in the front and pulled it out and it got caught on some items that boys possess and he made a funny face..and echo had to come to his aid. this was a fake plastic sword that curved and was about ....2 ft long. roughly. he ended up getting to the finals and his sword won my family (well about six of them) a trip to Cali. And 3000 dollars for winning second. Ya they took home second. Chandler can mimic any sound any animal and can annoy any child/adult to the point of madness. He used to..(still is capable but wont do it) do a 'dinosaur walk' he would pull up those arms to his chest and slow chicken walk making this screeching noise while stretching out his neck and thrusting his head if he were t-rex. It could have taken first on AFV. man we used to tease him about girls. He would get so riled up about it. Start flailing his arms around at us like a....uh....i guess a dino. Now i would say he pre-occupies his time by just carrying faith around and trying to dish her off to the next available receiver. Dont judge my terrible voice in this video. Meet Chandler. (PS today is my birthday. No longer a teen. 20 and still immatOUR! Forget MAToUR I got the rest of my life to be MATour! PARTAY!! (kidding parties make me tired.)

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Raquel said...

I love this kid! He is tough and has such a kind heart. Only problem is he is competition because he is a baby magnet and they all want him the most!

Yah Chandler! Aunt Raquel