Friday, August 8, 2008

Day ten. Meet Landon.

I caught him right before he was about to hurt Echo. Good distraction bRit.
Im his favorite sister. Dont tell. SHH.
he came home from that west indies mission and spoke beautiful french and still swished all over the place?? WHAAT did you serve a mission or just shoot hoops all day!?!?!??!
walked off the plane wearing these. hot.
so helpful. Chandler now gets hit on by all the 9 year old ladies due to this hair cut he recieved.
And jen, this is how you do this...this horse thing.

So...I am in between Landon and Sally. But...I am not a sibling of myself so I am not doing a post about myself..but I will tell you a few things of updated info. I leave for Peru on Thursday the 14th of August. Which is roughly 5 days. I am pretty intensely scared/excited/i dont know really what to feel, anxiety? Anyway. So I have exactly enough time to finish all my siblings before I leave. Except I leave at 6 in the morning on Thursday so I will probably post the last sibling late that night. As I have to be at teh airport around 4:30...AM i dont really want to wake up to post. We will see where my dedication lies though.
Anyway so here is landon.

Did I mention that Landon is always doing something like this. pouring water down my mom's back is only a small example of what he is capable of. Right before this landon was trying to tackle my mom, this is my mom giving in and just letting him do it because she couldnt move nor breathe in the grasp he had her in. but i missed that part. Im sorry. I wish you could have seen it. Of course he does have a nice side. :) So I grew up with Landon. He is just a couple months older than me. Like 15 or so. I have a couple of awesome memories with him. Lets see if first I can explain him.
He gets along with everyone. He makes everyone feel welcome. he will laugh and joke with complete strangers. When I say complete, I mean the lady that needs help getting groceries into her car, or the man next to us in line, or even the guy who sees landon pushing a cart full of toliet paper packages at costco and tells landon he has a problem. You see..Landon has always been easy going..sometimes a little much which causes me to be angry when we were frequently late. Anyway, Landon is a gem. Apparently he just got back from his mission where he was an exceptional missionary. Lad loves landon and lad spent his whole first 2 years right next to his side, now that Landon is home Lad is back at his side. Landon is a good brother. Story: We got home really late one 2 am. Dad was mad. Really mad. It was my fault we got home so late. Dad went to tear into me. Landon took the blame. What a good brother. Love billowing for him after that. Landons football team won the state championship his senior year. I was a lucky cheerleader. Landon was the quarterback. When he was playing I would just assume he was going to be awesome, and he was. They never lost a game...all season. Not only did they never lose. But they mercy ruled just about every game. Which means once they got over 45 points. The game was over. If it was in the second half. And sometimes it wasnt so they had to keep playing. Ya they were good. Could have played a NFL team and probably won. Too bad the NFL is 11man, not 8man like us. Anyway, football. I mean landon. Landon is the best piggy back giver out there. For sure.
Story #2: Lunch buddies. Landon and I were lunch buddies. I think he was better at it than I. RIght before a little kid kicked a football into my face at lunchtime I was glancing over watching a group of about 30 girls (which was about half the gradeschool in Malta) were chasing landon. I then did not see Landon anymore but yet a huge pile of little girls. Landon was at the bottom. So girls are attracted to him, and he doesnt know how to repel them.
Story #3: Arm. Landon always used to give me horsey rides when we were little. Like really little. Like 4 years old. I dont know how I remember this, nobody videoed it or took a picture of it. and it is just a short conversation by our stairs in the old house. I was standing there and I said, "will you give me a horsey ride." He said, "No brit, (I dont think he has called me brittany in my life) I have a broken arm." He then held up his arm and showed me his cast. Thats all I remember. But its vivid.
Story #4 stacking hay. Not much to tell in this story, but that I would bring the load of hay from the field and he would stack it in the stackyard. He was in the volvo. A lot of long hot days. I didnt have AC. Sally did. I didnt have a radio. Sally did. AM I bitter still? Probably.
So if you want to learn how to become a nicer, friendlier, never hold grudges, somewhat of a temper person, learn from landon. He will teach you Im sure. After he talks to you all about your life for an hour. Heart goes out for Gear. (did I mention thats what people sometimes call him..i dont know why)

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Rafael said...

Hola Brittany, ¿qué tal? ¿todo listo para el viaje? I just want to say I wish the best in my country!

Saludos desde Arequipa-Perú,