Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day fifteen. Meet Brooke. LAsT SIBLING!!!

she was preparing my cake. Look at how nice she is.
this is brooke's (and mine of course) dear friend Julie. Julie hangs with us. All the time.
this is a great picture of Brooke and I decorated in miley attire. Did I mention that brooke themed my party with miley cyrus!!! YEs she did.
brooke is so strong. She can hold onto this wakeboard handle through the current of the river. Thats why she was iron woman like 10 years in a row (i dont exaggerate) this is why (this meaning muscles) she knocked a guy out jello wrestling him.
welcome to the adorable, posing, cute side of brooke. with the muscles, she is fun and happy and everything you could ever dream of (imagine the tone of voice as a commercial on TV trying to sell you cleaner, or a vaccuum.)

Brooke! Brooker Brookey brooke brooke!!!!!!!!! (notice how I got bored of capsing brookes name.) LEt me just get a few things out there for you.
1. I live with Brooke.
2. Brooke is OCD about cleanliness. (which is fine brooke, remember how I told you it was not good nor bad but both in different circumstances, depending on how you deal with things, we will talk bout this later if you are offended)
3. Brooke travels a lot and Im not really a fan of it because I rarely see her. But I do take baths in her bath and sleep in her bed sometimes. Thats the only pro. But...I just like it better when she is there, lets be truthful.
4. I am kinda worried about this being the last sibling. You will want to know, what next where to from here brittany? Well Here is my plan. Ill make another post telling you what is coming next.

Lets start from the beginning. My parents got married..well about 29 years ago. WEnt on their honeymoon to Jackson Hole (i think) in a snow storm (april) and then nine months later out came brooke. Brooke is just a few years younger than my uncle jed, whom is my mom's youngest sibling. So Jed and Brooke were well as TJ and GUY my moms other brothers. Brooke wore bikinis as a baby. (thats all I remember from her childhood, I looked at her p. album one day, p stands for photo) Oh and she also has a nice large scar on her leg from when a bike spoke actually crawled in there. I dont know if crawl was the right word. Stuck, pertruded, invaded, climbed? You choose the word, then fill in the blank. I do remember this injury because we have a family video of us at easter. I was 2 and had a pot belly with a belly shirt on. ANd I was sassy in this video. And they called me Bratney. But this is about Brooke. Not me.

Then brooke grew up as the first child of 16 children. Of course she was only living at home to see the first 10 kids grow up, but she sure loves the next six. Brooke is always spoiling those kids with clothes and other stuff. Brooke is their second mom, lets just call her that. Brooke works at AMerican Crafts (Scrapbooking) and supplies our whole family with supplies. Bless her heart. She is also one of the top sales personel in their whole store. How do I know this. OH word of mouth. But not outta Brookes. HA!

(THIS NEXT PART IS NOT RELATED TO BROOKE SO YOU CAN SKIP)IF you have been staying updated on the siblings will find that these keep getting longer. And I apologize but...I feel like the older ones care more what I say about them, so I have to make sure I say lots of good things in these posts to make up for the bad stories I tell about them. Yikes.

Brooke: wow I get side tracked. Brooke recently learned how to dive. Yes its true. Dive into the pool. When she is pretty terrified of water. YEs that is true as well. I just thought of a story. When Brooke was going to DIXIE college doing basketball and probably track I went down to stay with her in her ghetto apartment. When I was visiting her we went swimming, i was probably 12 or littler. (probably not a word) I remember Brooke CLimBING into the pool with her two casts on each foot. STress fractures. GOsh brooke be careful. They were colorful too, like pink and purple? My memory probably has faded. Oh well.

Brooke also did track for BYU competed in some tri-thons, which we went and saw. I remember. Then she had some bball tourney in Washington? ORegon? I dont know I just remember taking our 15 passenger van to this. Funny the details that come up when I think about Brooke. Random things. As she is eight years older...and my memories of her are random, but I could tell you oobers of stories of her now. How about when she and I got 22 seconds in the saw wood cutting competition. Or how we flipped on the tube at lava..or did I already tell that story..and how brooke nearly drowned because her feet could not find the bottom. HOw bout how she planned a huge bday party for me at jons, purchased all the food, AND organized surprises too, hung up pictures of me and julie (blown up for the small eye) and invited tons of other souls to come join in the fun. Did I tell you how I asked her to come to colorado with me and she and I drove her brand new BMW (it doesnt matter that it is a BMW, but that she was so excited to go)
Im not sure how much I LOVE this picture of us. But this is in Vail, COlorado where I went to nanny for my triplet boys (they arent mine..but know) We went to a night show of skiiers and fireworks which was cold and fun, and the triplets didnt love the fireworks. Brooke went skiing in Vail and had a great time! I played with 2 year olds did stuff like painting, other stuff, and had a great time!

Back to Brooke's life. Sometimes I feel like we could be on a reality show. Just the ongoing saga of dating life. It should happen. I would watch it. Admit it, you probably would too, because you know me, and it would be sweet to know somebody on tv. So you would watch it and have big parties with chips and salsa. I thought I was going back to Brookes life, then I started talking about us on a reality show. Anyway. WE drove to Lava and basically consumed two bags of delicious popcorn all to ourselves. K this popcorn is delish because it is coated in white chocolate and other stuff which I do not know, that makes you addicted. OH my mouth is trickling saliva thinking about it. We stopped at wendys. We went to the bathroom. When we were walking out we heard one worker at wendys say to the other, "did you guys fill out the application to Wal-mart too?" -a combined yes from all the other employees rung out in the air. Brooke and I looked at each other and burst into jokes and laughter. "as if they applied to Walmart and got denied." This was their second option. Oh goodness.

Brooke seems to be the one I call for everything now. She also has supported me in every decision I choose to make, and has helped me through some tough times. (k i know thats like...ya ive been through tough times...blah blah..but really) she really has been there for me. I wont see this dear sister of mine for over a month because she left on a busy trip (business: abv: busy) on sunday. Welp I will see her again though, so no frets.

I want to make this post everything and more for all of you to read about her. She is incredible, and forgets her life for serving others. (like my bday) Running and doing things for everybody. I cannot even ask for a better second mom. I cannot take up enough room on this blog to explain brooke, freak I cannot even write a book that explains her. Maybe a dictionary of all her 4-syllable words. Maybe I could get windex to donate a lifetime supply to her so she can keep the fingerprints that she hates so much off of her black microwave and stove and fridge handles. Maybe I can get somebody to give her lemon injections in order to suffice her addiction to lemon products. Or lets talk about how every once in awhile I give her a shot in the bum of B-12 and she is paranoid about bubbles killing her. I am too.

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Kristie said...

Good job posting about your siblings. I have enjoyed reading them. Good Luck in Peru. I hope you have a great time